Posted by: Kingsguru21 | March 19, 2009

Charlotte vs Sacramento (Game 69) recap

I’m not going to bother to post much. I think Ziller in some ways already said it best with his recap focusing on Spencer Hawes.

However, I’ll add my own spin to this as well.

Spencer Hawes was awful; there is no question of this. What really bothered me was that Rashad McCants went out with a minor ankle injury, and Francisco Garcia jacked up too many shots. I saw a team, like all year long, that doesn’t take advantage of their inside presence (Hawes/Thompson), and continually looks to take ill-advised perimeter shots regardless of the situation. Other than McCants last night, no one else was that effective from the perimeter.

The Kings don’t win for a lot of reasons. One is that they don’t trust their coach, their teammates, or each other, yet. The question is can this team with 3 draft picks, and a cheap free agent signing greatly improve next season? Eh, improve, probably. Improve to playoff quality? That would be where the next head coach comes in. And who knows how that will turn out with the last 2 head coaching searches having gone so well.


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