Posted by: Kingsguru21 | March 25, 2009

Kevin Martin is likely to make it among the league leaders in scoring

I was curious, and going through the stats portion of the ESPN site, so I glanced through them to see if Kevin Martin was listed. No dice. Then I scrolled to the bottom and found this message.

*To qualify: a player must be on pace to play 70 games or score 1,400 points.

In otherwords, does Kevin have a chance? According to Basketball Reference, he has 1136 points already. This is through 47 games played for Martin. So, in a sense, he won’t quality playing 70 games. However, being that he’s 264 points away from scoring 1,400 points, and the Kings have 12 games left in the season, is it possible for him to be in the top 10 in scoring at the end of the season?

Well, with 12 games left in the season, and to get to 264 points, that mean’s he has to average 22 points a night. Hmmm. In 8 games so far in March, he has averaged 24.3 points. But, he also missed a game with the flu as well. So, in a way, I think it’s possible he becomes a top 10 scorer unless he has another injury or a case of influenza.

In a season with so much piss poor effort, aggravation, and irritability, it’s a relief that there is one positive thing that has come in Martin’s season. Because sometimes watching the games, it’s a bit hard to tell.


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