Posted by: Kingsguru21 | March 31, 2009

The Vlade retirement game

There’s not a single reason to even mention that the Kings are playing the Hornets tonight. There is also no reason to mention Peja Stojakovic won’t play. There is reason to mention that Chris Paul fellow might be okay at the game of basketball. David West is a guy I think JT (Jason Thompson) should play close attention to. I wish I wasn’t driving to Portland today in a way. I could finish drinking my Molson Ice. But, as the kids say, life’s a bitch and then you marry a cheerleader. Peace until next time minions. And, umm, Go Vlade’s!!!!


  1. Pook, yeah you called the David West thing right and I hope JT paid attention cuz West schooled the Kings. Heart breaking loss with Butler’s dagger at literally the last second. All in all another very entertaining game much like the Phoenix game with almost no d being played but there were a few flashes, a couple of 24 second violations where we played them tight. Unfortunately,again, very little ball movement. Ah well, should be another shoot out tonight at the Oracle. Hope we win, I hate the dubs, let me count the ways, I hate: their owner,CEO, asst GM,their coach, some of their players, but mostly their FANS. Go Kings.

  2. Yeah, BJ, let’s hope tonight goes better than last night.

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