Posted by: Kingsguru21 | April 3, 2009

Kings go to the Valley of the Sun, and get stomped; in other news Kevin Martin kicks a baby seal

Okay, I lied about SpeedRacer. But, that’s the way I felt about watching this game (or the parts of it I did see-which was almost all of the 2nd half, and the 1st half comeback). This team has terrible offense and defense, and truthfully, I’m not sure which is which. It’s extremely difficult to sort out. Hopefully, though, the Kings get a top pick next year as well as this upcoming year. Either way, and I say this knowing that it probably won’t matter, but the Kings need quality talent to get back in the race. Right now, they’re deficient in many area’s. And even though this is the simplest recap I could really write up, the reality is writing a technical writeup on how the Kings gave layup after layup, 3 after 3, and seemed to have no response to the Suns hot streak after the game was tied at 69 all in the early 3rd qtr, then well, you obviously expect more out of me than I do.

Oh, and I really hate writing recaps.


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