Posted by: Kingsguru21 | April 3, 2009

The sky is falling, and it’s full of Whiz shit

Oh boy. Not again. Not, oh my fucking lord to high heaven, again. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Nooooope. Not a chance. The Maloof’s are doing their 1st 2nd 3rd 4th act of stupidity (unless you want to count the Hiring of E-Muss instead of Whiz 2 counts of unbecoming of an owner to the Family’s resume), and you know what, it’s nothing new. Read TZ’s account if you want a civilized version of this.

Originally, I had my hair on fire because of what Natt said about after Tuesday’s debacle against New Orleans. Because of Whisenant being added to the mix, this is a good news bad news type of deal. The good news? Natt’s probably not coming back after the 3rd waste of time lack of coaching the Family has witnessed up front & personally. (You can perceived the “Family” as anyone of the Maloof’s. Since it really doesn’t matter what just one of them thinks anyway. Or, that’s according to Joe Maloof.) Read this blogpost from the Bee if you need more info. (While I’m at it, some dap is deserved for Melody Gutierrez for the increased workload she has to take without Marty McNeal or Scott Howard-Cooper around.) The short, and sweet version is this: I blame Cisco for pointing the finger after that play (Noc did the right thing), and I blame Natt for throwing Noc under the bus. It’s just that simple. My long term concern with Cisco is that the lack of stability the organization has shown (4 head coaches over 4 seasons now for Cisco) has hurt Cisco’s long term development. More than that, the finger pointing and frustration that has been prevalent this season was just another development in a long line of them. But, that’s not the big news.

Whiz, oh Whiz, how dare you enter my life like this? Maloof family? What the fuck is wrong with you people? Hasn’t 2 coaching searches you pushed gone wrong not taught you this all important (or encompassing said organization) lesson? How the fuck can you people make a billion + dollars over time in multiple businesses and not be able to figure out how to let your basketball guy, the guy that one of your own has said you see like family and trust him completely, but not let him do his job completely? Is your own belief system that strong that you think you can keep Petrie from not doing his job? Do you think that there is not cheap (other) coaches potentially out there? (Because there is.) Do you not think that the likelihood of Whiz biting the dust because he’s overmatched isn’t a strong possibility after the same problems with Reggie Theus happened? You’ve spent so much time trying to act like Sacramento is such a great place for NBA basketball, but a fundamental component of success seems to elude you all: You can’t get together with your NBA GM on a head coach. I don’t get this. I still don’t get it. I will never get it. I resent every single member of your family for making a move so profoundly stupid (and this is not because I am against out of the box maneuvers–if this was say, oh, Bill Laimbeer I would get it even if I wouldn’t agree–and I’m not sure I would) and dumb. If you want a guy to be your inside man, why not just hire him to be the advisor to you on basketball matters? Even then, and I say this knowing Whisenant is not a young man, is how long can he be trusted to do this for you? Isn’t this a strong signal you’re more interested in selling the team when Whiz is no longer capable of providing you buffer room?

I don’t get it. I still don’t get it. I never will get it. Whiz never made sense. I don’t get Petrie’s willingness to let a deal happen (and I don’t really get why the Kings would hire Whiz for multiple years–maybe that’s the attraction to Petrie–to let Whiz fail badly and in the worst possible fashion with only a year on the contract), and worse, I don’t get why the Maloof’s feel so strongly about this next head coach. This is even more confusing when you factor all the hype surrounding Levien, and while the Maloof’s said they were on board with the hire, that it was essentially a Geoff Petrie hire. I don’t get it. I don’t get it. I really don’t fucking get it. And, for good measure, I really don’t fucking get this for any reason at all. Being a Kings fan sucks sometimes. See: Well, every year after 1986 and before 1994, 1997-98, and the last 3 seasons if you want a starting referencing point. And, while the Maloof’s weren’t responsible for the Derek Smith trade debacle, blaming them for it feels just about right at this moment. If nothing else, I’m hoping this is a scare the way that schools rang out alarms in the 50’s in case of a nucleur attack happened. (Or if the Russians started singing “Yellow Submarine.” Uhm, nevermind.) Silly, stupid, counter-productive, and, well, dumb. I don’t fucking get it. Excuse me: I have to bash my brain in with a spoon now. Please: Don’t call the cops; I’m better off brain-dead than following this team if Whiz becomes the head coach.


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