Posted by: Kingsguru21 | April 7, 2009

Some tasty linkage for you

First, and this is a nice H/T to Henry Abbott (who is always linking to great stuff), the Bob Hurley video talking about his time coaching the Jersey City St. Anthony’s High School boys basketball program. Kings fans might know that he was the father of Bobby Hurley, the Duke product, and 7th overall draft pick for the Sacramento Kings in 1993. I still wonder what would have happened to Bobby had he not been in that horrific automobile accident. (I’ll joke about many things. Bobby’s near death auto accident, and Ricky Berry’s suicide are not going to show up on that list.) Either way, it’s a great glimpse at where Bobby got his toughness. And, uhm, it’s amazing that Hurley didn’t make the Hall. Amazing accomplishments. 23 state championships since 1972? Get outta here…..

Next, Shoals and Ziller, on FreeDarko, actually make these weird squiggly graphs similar to a, Z? Yeah, it’s unusual, but, that’s Ziller & Shoals for you.

It’s nearly 5 days old now, but still, it’s worth reading. Ben of Blazers Edge did this phone interview with Portland’s GM, Kevin Pritchard. It’s well worth the read. H/T to Skeets of Ball Don’t Lie for this one.


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