Posted by: Kingsguru21 | April 8, 2009

Player comparison time!

Player A enjoys shoes, video games, and tomfoolery. Player B enjoys collapsed lungs, colossal failure, and umm, well I don’t know what he loves.

——per 36 min——
Age Pts Reb Ast TOs Stl Blk 2P/3P/FT

Player A 19 14.5 7.5 2.3 1.8 1.6 0.5 43/0/50
Player B 20 11.2 4.3 1.5 1.8 0.9 0.7 33/27/85

I’m not going to play surprise with you. Gerald Wallace is player A. Donte Greene is player B. Obviously, there is little comparison.

First, one must note the different situations. Wallace is now an 80% FT shooter, as opposed to being a sub 70% FT shooter for his career prior to last season. His Shooting % has fluctuated, but at the same time, he’s really a high flyer on that end. G-Dub is a multi-tool player who plays his best flying through the air, and if Greene ever matched his blocks or steals, I’d be ecstatic.

Here’s where Donte is much better than Gerald ever will be. He’s a far better shooter. Gerald shot 50% from the line, and really didn’t take a good 3 pointer his entire rookie season. Greene is an offensive player who plays his best on that end, but at the same time, can bring something defensively too. Gerald is really just the opposite, as in he’s a defensive hard charger who has enough talent to score on the the other hand. (It really helps him he plays with Boris Diaw.)

Donte needs to figure out how to get more deflections. He needs to use his length better on both ends of the court, but in particular when closing out on shooters. He doesn’t need to be Andrei Kirilenko. That isn’t his game. He’s an offensive player who can make impact defensively. That’s what he needs to do.



  1. Pook,

    é confuses the heck out of me. He’s shooting .333 from the field and .266 from the 3 pt line. He often rushes his 3 pt shot without waiting for the play to develop and to me he’s looking more and more like a chucker. He had one great defensive game where he was on fire (can’t remember which one it was, Knicks?) and shows potential almost every game. Recently he’s been getting some minutes but he’s largely been invisible out there with the exception of the Laker’s game where he hit 3-4 3 pointers.

    The only reason I haven’t given up on him is his youth, his ridiculous minutes (Inconsistent beyond belief) flashes of excellent play, the opinion regarding his potential from guys like you and the coaching situation.

    My concern for Donté is that next year we are going to have 3 more rooks on the Kings who are all going to need development and if he doesn’t start to pull things together I’m concerned he’s going to get lost in the mix.

    I’m pulling for him, I want to see him succeed, a front court of he, JT/Griffin and Spence has the potential to be insane.

  2. That is a concern I have for him as well. I think a new coaching staff and a clear direction that he can follow and adapt to will be the single most important change that can happen for Donte. Also, perhaps his willingness to not being a chucker too.

  3. I will say though, as an addendum, that Donte as a chucker isn’t terrible. JT isn’t a chucker, Martin isn’t a chucker, Shawes isn’t really a chucker, and if the Kings select Rubio, he’s not really a chucker. There are times when you need a guy whose willing to put shots up. So in a sense, I could see where Donte’s chucking tendencies work, and don’t. But for right now, you’re absolutely correct that his chucking tendencies aren’t helping him. Neither is Natt’s patience either. Donte needs to learn what his role is, and I’m not sure he really knows.

    I will say he can shoot the 3, and showed that @ times at Syracuse. Here’s a link to his college stats:

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