Posted by: Kingsguru21 | April 16, 2009

Ailene Voisin says Natt must go

A snippet, or two, from her article:

“A decision hasn’t been made,” the Kings’ basketball president insisted before the season finale. “That wouldn’t be fair to Kenny. Can’t there be some dignity in this?”

OK. Death with dignity. We get it. Yet there isn’t a soul within the organization who believes Natt will be back for an encore. He has received strong backing from Petrie. Though he enjoyed a far better relationship with the Kings’ boss than predecessor Reggie Theus, the combination of 1) a young, flawed and evolving roster and 2) an unproven head coach was a complete non-starter, the contrasting opinion of the head coach notwithstanding.

But I have a problem with her saying this:

The Kings entered Wednesday’s finale ranked 12th in scoring but were stick figures at the other end. Additionally, Natt’s inexperience manifested itself with substitution patterns and timeouts that often left his own assistants shaking their heads, and he never appeared in command of his team.

Look at this for a moment, and then tell me the Kings aren’t awful on 2 ends of the court. While I’m not Tom Ziller in any way shape or form, and my tendencies do not normally tend to analyze numbers with the hope for an answer, I do know that when you suck at 2 ends, there needs to be alot of remedies.

And, I leave you with this:

Together, the season rarely was worth the price of a season ticket – a factor that ownership and the front office need to acknowledge and then remedy. And in the NBA, recovery starts at the top, with a proven, experienced leader.

I prefer Mike Budenholzer. I wouldn’t mind Brian Shaw either. I don’t think a real proven head coach is what this team needs. I really don’t. This team is young, and by any stretch, it’s going to make a head coach look bad. Why would a veteran want this type of job? Because of Blake Griffin? Because of Ricky Rubio? Perhaps, that would be the case. However, I remain skeptical. And I believe, among other things, that you don’t label the future based solely on the past. You have to keep each situation unique, and that’s something this current coaching search would qualify as.

(Oh, and I’m going to ignore her point about Blake Griffin being the consensus #1 for now.)


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