Posted by: Kingsguru21 | April 28, 2009

Chad Ford says the Kings would take Blake Griffin with the 1st overall pick if they have it

Just read this tidbit from Chad Ford’s chat today:

Jeff (NYC): Of the lottery teams, is there anyone of them that would NOT take Blake Griffin with the first pick? If so, why and are they out of their minds?

SportsNation Chad Ford: I think all 14 would take Griffin. I’ve spoken with reps from every team and that’s what they are all saying. There’s been some speculation in the media that the Kings might prefer Ricky Rubio … but from what I’m told, they’ll take Griffin if they get the No. 1 pick unless there are medical issues with Griffin’s knees. Lots of team like Rubio … but Griffin’s the one sure thing in this draft.

If Griffin is indeed the sure thing, then obviously that’s going to be the important point in all of this. But, what if that’s just NBA teams talking? Who knows at this point? It’s all pretty much hyperbole until the 2 weeks leading up to the draft, and even then, the final order is what really matters.

I don’t even care what Ford is saying in public because I know the Kings won’t show their cards anyway. Think about this for a minute. No team wants to get into a leverage situation where their intentions are shown and have a team take a player they wouldn’t be able to get anyway. So, whatever Chad Ford says today means diddly squat in terms of actual intentions in the back room.

This draft thing is just starting to heat up with all the talk of this draft being so weak overall. Which makes me concerned because of the Kings owning the 23rd overall pick in this draft. The good part, among other things, is that this has happened before. So, it can happen again. And, the Kings could get 2 or 3, productive players if they are wise and are not afraid. Again, that won’t be known for years down the road.

I do know that, among other things, all the talk is making me pretty interested to dive into this whole realm of who is and who isn’t a realistic prospect for the Kings.


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