Posted by: Kingsguru21 | May 6, 2009

In unrelated news

Today, Bill Bradley, sports editor of the Bee, mentions Rick Adelman. Crap. 2 things about this story that make me go sheesh. (Not to mention why there is so little news on the Kings these days. People are still talking about this crap. If the Bee is, why aren’t fans?) First quote:

Recently I mentioned that it’s fruitless to play the “what-if” game with ex-Kings. I call it “sports revisionist history,” which usually doesn’t pan out.

2nd quote:

Either way, Adelman suddenly has learned how to coach defense. Or maybe defense was an excuse to release Adelman because the Maloofs didn’t get along with him.

Really, I have no problem with Bradley saying anything about this because it’s fair game. The Maloof’s problems with Rick Adelman are well documented throughout his recent time with the team. I don’t even have a problem with the fact that he openly contradicted himself to make a point.

The problem I have is this: What was served by making this point? If the owners have learned (and by owners I mean the whole family and not just Joe & Gavin), then maybe there is something to be gained by consistently bringing up Adelman. Again, I’m not Grant Napear. Telling people what to say is not where I stand, or what I believe.

But, why Bill Bradley? Why? If this somehow was part of a larger point that the next head coach strengths & weaknesses are an important part of the assessing process for fans in judging how they feel the next Head Coach is successful, than, full speed ahead. I fear, though, that is not the case.

All Bill Bradley reminded us was that the Maloof’s used a reason on the court (didn’t coach defense) to justify the fact that they didn’t get along with him off the court (something they’ve tried to rebuff but unsuccessfully). Yes, all this is true. If people have forgotten the fact, than, well, I could understand.

I’m as staunch a Rick Adelman supporter as anyone. I think the idea he didn’t “coach” defense is nonsense. I think his relations with the media weren’t the issue. (But, notice how accessible Musselman and Theus were to the media. Think that didn’t play a part?)

I’ve never been to journalism school, and I wouldn’t want to criticize journalism of failing to do it’s job. I don’t feel that’s fair to openly say the Bee’s sports editor isnt doing his job because he wrote a 100 word piece about how Rick Adelman is probably a pretty good coach.

What I do feel fair is that if you’re going to write an op-ed piece of this nature, and you’re the Bee, and it’s sports editor, either write it right, and with all the information and hyperbole that led to Adelman’s departure, or simply don’t write it. Half-assing it doesn’t cut it in this day & age. I live in a city where the lone paper that chronicled the Gold Rush to Klondike is no longer in business. The media business has rapidly changed over the last 30 years and the newspaper business was hurt the worst of all medium’s. Pieces such as this don’t make me question why.

According to Wikipedia, this is what an Op-Ed column is:

An op-ed, abbreviated from opposite the editorial page (though often believed to be abbreviated from opinion-editorial), is a newspaper article that expresses the opinions of a named writer who is usually unaffiliated with the newspaper’s editorial board. These are different from editorials, which are usually unsigned and written by editorial board members. Op-eds are so named because they are generally printed on the page opposite the editorial.

I know Bradley didn’t write a true op-ed column being that’s he an editor, and of a sports page no less. But, he might as well have. In the world of modern reality, Bradley doesn’t write that often, or really, that much. Most of his stuff is lightweight in nature, and meant to be a thought provoking quick hitter.

Here’s the problem. Rick Adelman is not a thought provoking quick hit. It’s a difficult, complicated, moody, and unfortunately, a telling sign of the franchise’s dysfunction in where it got to the place it is today. That isn’t a short 100 word piece on why Rick Adelman doesn’t cut it. Cmon, Bee. Cmon, Bill Bradley. You’re better than this. Right?


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