Posted by: Kingsguru21 | May 8, 2009

Geoff Petrie is going to look at Ricky Rubio some more

According to the Full Court Press (Kings blog), Geoff Petrie will be heading to the Spanish ACB to watch Ricky Rubio and his DKV Joventut in the ACB playoffs.

First a quote that sticks out:

Geoff Petrie recently returned from Europe where he had a chance to watch point guards Ricky Rubio and Brandon Jennings as well as other international prospects. He is scheduled to head back across the pond to Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) next week to watch Rubio¹s DKV Joventut team play in the Spanish
ACB League Playoffs.

Upon Geoff’s return to Sacramento, we will begin our in-person workouts at the Practice Facility around May 21. This season you will have unprecedented access to workout video and the post-workout interview sessions as well as live chat sessions with Geoff and other members of the staff. During that process, I will provide updates nearly on a daily basis with who was in for that day’s workout and what players are scheduled for the days ahead.

2 things. First, Petrie is doing his homework on Rubio, and that can’t be overlooked. You can’t be sure Griffin is the first overall pick if you aren’t 100% positive that Rubio is not. Or any other prospect thought that Petrie believes to be of that level.

Second, the level of access that Hanson mentions is a terrific step for fans understanding how the draft process works. I can’t speak for anyone else, obviously, but the next 2 months stand to be fun for me as we learn as much about this franchise in ways we’ve never really had the access too before. (I wonder how much Petrie was on board with this, but I suspect he will have no choice.)

All in all, other than the coaching search which isn’t being done by Petrie at the moment, the draft seems to be progressing with a reasonable tilt forward. I’ve heard of worse things. (Rick Pitino, Byron Scott, Maloof’s becoming intimately involved with basketball affairs….)


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