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Eddie Jordan vs Avery Johnson Round 1

Earlier today, Philadelphia 76ers GM Ed Stefanski announced that interim head coach Tony DiLeo would not be returning. It was also announced that he would be returning to his former role as an Assistant GM. Jay Triano, earlier today, was also announced to become the full time Raptors Head Coach and was given a 3 year deal. This means that the Kings and the Sixers are the only 2 teams with actual openings (the Wolves haven’t made a decision on Kevin McHale, but their GM is likely to make that decision so there is probably a 3rd opening soon).

Hey Ma, I got all my teeth! See?

Hey Ma, I got all my teeth! See?

Avery Johnson and Eddie Jordan are 2 different type of coaches. Johnson is a deliberate, slow it down, defensive coach who believes every possession should be played like it’s last. He has the personnel in Philly to play that style (Brand, Dalembert, Igoudala) to a large degree. There are other issue’s there (ball handling with Andre Miller being a FA), but, given that Philly’s style has not been as up-tempo as often mentioned, it could be that they feel a guy who coaches half-court defense and decent offense is what they’re really looking for.

Philly’s Offensive/Defensive Efficiency for 2009: 19th (O)and 13th (D) respectively. Their pace was 21st fastest.

The last 2 years, Philly’s O efficiency was 18th and 26th. Their Defensive efficiency was 8th and 16th. Pace for the 2006-07 season was 21st, and for the 2007-08 season was 20th. (Pace is measured by scoring possessions per 100.)

Avery Johnson’s 3 previous years in Dallas were similar style of teams with just better offensive efficiency. (Gee Yogi, you think having Dirk helps that at all? I dunno, Boo-Boo.)

In 2007-08, they had the 8th highest offensive efficiency, the 9th highest defensive efficiency, and a pace factor of 22nd overall in the Association. In 2006-07, they had the 2nd highest offensive efficiency, and the 5th highest defensive effiency with a pace factor of 28th overall. In 2005-06, the Mavs had an offensive efficiency of 1st overall in the NBA, and a defensive rating of 11th with a pace factor of 26th overall.

Avery Johnson sounds the kind of coach for whom again?

Hey Sactown, Im coming back. Can you diggg it?

Hey Sactown, I'm coming back. Can you diggg it?

Eddie Jordan on the other hand has a history of lesser defense with high octane teams. Jordan has had an interesting history that ranges throughout the times he’s been coach. Where as the Mavs went up & down some in their pace, and their offense actually got worse with Avery as head coach, the Wizards went up & down as their personnel (namely Arenas) was not always on the court when EJ coached.

This idea that Avery Johnson is the type of coach the Kings need is just bollocks, to put it bluntly. He’s never made a team better with his coaching, and unless he does so with Philadelphia, and he won’t in Sacramento because the personnel in the EC doesn’t fit his style, it’s going to be practically impossible to find a GM (hey Ed Stefanski) that would agree with him on preferred playing style.

The bottom line is that with all the young talent on the Kings team, they are going to need a head coach is flexible and could use a style that would likely take advantage of the talents this team has. I don’t see Avery Johnson being that coach because nothing in history suggests that. However, it does suggest that with Eddie Jordan, and because of his history with Geoff Petrie (a good history at that), they will likely will work better than Reggie Theus/Eric Musselman ever did with GP. That’s the good news.

This doesn’t even mention the possibility of Jeff Van Gundy or another veteran coach who has also been on the market for awhile. That could also throw a monkey wrench into this whole level of proceeding.

This is one reason I wish the Kings would offer the job to Ettore Messina so they can get a coach who is a limited commodity due to his zero NBA coaching experience. Yes, it would be nice if the Kings could get an experienced head coach that could guide this roster through it’s growing pains like Portland has with Nate McMillan. Maybe, just maybe, that guy is Eddie Jordan. But, if it’s not, and I fear it is not if Philly entices him away with more money or something else, than the Kings should look outside Petrie’s specified guidelines on the next head coach. Ettore Messina, Mike Budenholzer, Jeff Ruland or some other kind of assistant should be looked at hard and considered for the job. Geoff Petrie’s instincts might not be better than the Maloof’s on rolling the dice on assistant coaches, but they damn sure can’t be worse.

The bad news is that the Kings won’t offer more money, and the Sixers can. (And are likely to if the Kings court Jordan hard, which Petrie is likely to do.) The question is whom Stefanski may offer the open head coaching position to. It would make sense that the Kings go after Jordan hard because the Sixers are now in the hunt. But, getting into a bidding war does not make sense, and no matter how often anybody wishes to say so, Avery Johnson is not an appropriate fit given his coaching history and style with the Kings organization.

In otherwords, and I hate saying it like this, the Sixers are in the drivers seat with their head coaching search because they have the better team and a potential to entice 2 different kind of head coaches to coach it. This only becomes more glaring because they have more money and a bigger market (although that wouldn’t likely make a huge difference to Jordan or any propsective head coaching candidate). The Kings can’t say the same thing. Ah the joys of being small and inconsequential! Or, just simply with money conscious owners who haven’t exactly come out unscathed from the recent recession.



  1. I like the Lil’ General, but not for the Kings as a Head Coach. I think he needs a few years on the Sidelines as an assistant. (granted I know he has been an assistant already I just think he needs more seasoning).

    Eddie Jordan I like. If he is truly OK with going through a Rebuilding process then why not sign him? He is regarded by most around the League as a Quality Coach he is Young (when considering most coaches) The three coaches I would most consider if I were rebuilding my Franchise would be:

    Nate McMillian
    Eddie Jordan
    Mike Brown

    Runner Up for this list is: Byron Scott.

    We are rebuilding, we are hoping to get a Franchise Altering talent in the Draft, we need a coach who understands this and who can work with what we have. Someone who is young enough to still re-late but who has been around the League long enough to truly understand the game. I like all of those guys because they either came from great systems where they learned the game at an Elite level.

    Brown in SA

    Scott in LA

    Jordan as a player and as a Coach under Scott (say what we will about offensive efficiency but Scott and Jordan did get to back to back finals granted the East was AWFUL at that time)

    McMillian as a player in Seattle and helped that team AFTER westphal. I remember thinking when he became free a few years back (when Adleman went into his “Lame Duck” season and Nate was being courted by Portland that we should get in on that.

    You have hit the nail on the head numerous times that not only is this Draft and Free Agency period important this year (actually it is Monumentally important) but the Coach who puts it all together on the court is JUST AS important.

    As I have mentioned here and at StR the Coach needs to be the extension of the Front Office on the court, he has to implement the Vision of the Front Office if not then you will encounter problems. (Smitch in Toronto, Woodson in ATL to an extent, Jordan in Washington) The GM Needs his guy on the Sidelines, a guy that He chooses, and while Petrie Signed off and OK’d The last two coaches, perhaps it was more for his benefit in a sense, to let the Maloofs get a little bit of the “Hey, we can do what Mark Cuban does!” thing out of their systems, Petrie can essentially say “hey, these guys were your picks, and look where that took us” kind of thing with them now, so he again has full control.

    Just a though.
    Glad to read your thoughts PG.

    • Thanks as always for leaving them sellout.

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