Posted by: Kingsguru21 | May 13, 2009

Sam Amick says Eddie Jordan is interested in the job

Yeah, I know, what a shock that is. Last night, Full Connect, the Kings blog, grabbed a quote from Geoff Petrie after the interview process happened:

“The meeting with Eddie went very well. We spent a lot of time discussing Eddie’s offensive and defensive philosophies. He spoke about developing individual players, but playing within a team-oriented system. There was some video analysis as well as a lot of X’s and O’s breakdown on the white board. He displayed some very interesting insights in his analysis of our current roster. We also talked about his development as a coach over the years, and he provided his thoughts on how a young Washington Wizards team improved during his tenure into a team that made the Playoffs in four out of his five full seasons there. Joe and Gavin were very engaged during the meeting and asked some outstanding questions.”

Take what you want from that. It sounds like the process is happening the way Petrie prefers it to. If Petrie is in charge of the operations, than that’s not a bad thing. But today, Amick released a story that made the Bee that quotes Jordan being interested in the job. For posterity here is that quote:

“There are 30 jobs in the NBA,” he said. “It’s one of the top jobs in the world. So whether (the Kings’ job is No.) 30, 28, or 29, why would it not be attractive and exciting? It’s the NBA, the greatest athletes and the greatest basketball league in the world.

“It doesn’t make sense to sit back and say ‘that’s a bad job.’ I hear that a lot, (people saying) ‘That’s a bad job. That’s not a good job. They don’t pay this or that.’ I’m not saying that’s the case here, I’m just saying that’s what you hear in the league. They’re all good if you want to be a head coach in the NBA, so I have no preferences.”

If he goes on to Philadelphia and interviews, which he very well may do, than that is his right. I’m not going to trip out over whether Jordan uses his situation to leverage what he thinks could be a good situation for him. Right now Jordan is a Free Agent, and right now there are 2 openings. If I was advising him, I would very much be in tune with what he wants. Philadelphia may be the team he chooses if HE HAS the choice between the two. There is a link to both GM’s in both places (Jordan worked with Petrie in Sacramento before being fired in August of 98 by Jim Thomas, and was an assistant on the staff for at least several years prior to become the interim coach in March of 97, and then full time head coach, in 1997; Jordan worked with Ed Stefanski, the current Sixers GM, in New Jersey before being hired away to coach Washington in 2003), and Philly is closer to Jordan’s hometown of Washington D.C.

This is the quote that really intrigues me about Eddie Jordan and any ability he has to be more than a stopgap:

He’s a good teacher,” (Gavin) Maloof said. “He was going over some Xs and Os (of Wizards games on video) with Joe and I, and I really learned a lot in the first three hours about his defensive strategies, his offensive philosophies. And I’m thinking to myself, ‘If I can understand it, then maybe these players can understand it.’

Even then, there is more material in Sam Amick’s blog entry this morning. Read it as well. It provides extra incentive that the Kings need to make a move on Jordan and make him an offer.

That is if Jordan is the guy. If he’s not, and I’m quoting Section 214 of Sactown Royalty here, cross him off and get to the next guy.

If it’s Paul Westphal and he’s a stopgap, okay. If it’s a younger less proven head coach that Petrie wants to take a risk on, I’m good with that too. I just want a coach who can help improve this roster with a high draft pick and the existing talent.

But this is the money quote, and it’s sort of fitting that it is on Amick’s blog entry:

We’re just following Geoff’s lead, really. We don’t have a timetable. We don’t have any preconceived ideas. We’re just following his lead. When he’s comfortable and he’s ready to act, then we’ll probably be on the same path.”

This organization just laid off employees including Jim Kozimor. This organization has tried coaches that were mostly Maloof hires and approved by Geoff Petrie at some point. If Geoff Petrie wants to pick his head coach, and the Maloof’s want Petrie to run their basketball organization, this is how you go about doing it. It’s just that simple. Good news, even when there is bad news, is something this franchise desperately needs.


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