Posted by: Kingsguru21 | May 13, 2009

Thoughts on the Westphal/Jordan comments that Geoff Petrie has made

First, one has to acknowledge you can’t gleam much from certain information. Second, one has to acknowledge that this might be totally off base, and when that happens, you’ll just have to shut the fuck up & take your lumps for being a stupid idiot living in your mother’s basement. Third, some interesting things were said regarding the Jordan and Westphal interviews by Petrie.

First Jordan:

“The meeting with Eddie went very well. We spent a lot of time discussing Eddie’s offensive and defensive philosophies. He spoke about developing individual players, but playing within a team-oriented system. There was some video analysis as well as a lot of X’s and O’s breakdown on the white board. He displayed some very interesting insights in his analysis of our current roster. We also talked about his development as a coach over the years, and he provided his thoughts on how a young Washington Wizards team improved during his tenure into a team that made the Playoffs in four out of his five full seasons there. Joe and Gavin were very engaged during the meeting and asked some outstanding questions.”

This says to me several things. First, that this is Geoff’s preferred candidate. Second, he gives a lot of specifics, and Geoff Petrie doesn’t do that very often. Third, now read the Westphal statement.

Paul was very well prepared for the meeting today and extremely knowledgeable of our team as it currently exists and the team-building process we are undertaking. We talked extensively on his style of play on both ends of the court and he provided Xs and Os breakdown to support his theories. He has a wealth of experience in the NBA as a coach and player, having won 63% of his games as a head coach (267-159, .627) and posted winning records in both Phoenix and Seattle. He was closely involved with the renaissance of the Suns in the 1990’s, including a trip to the Finals in 1993. It was a very impressive interview overall.”

Notice the tenor and the difference between the 2 statements? Any knowledgeable fan could have given most of what Petrie said about Westphal. It wouldn’t be too hard. Look up on Basketball reference and say “hey he’s won 63% of his games when he was with Phoenix and Seattle”, and pretty much go from there.

Besides, doesn’t it strike anybody else besides me that he would mention Westphal as a player but not EJ? It’s not like EJ did nothing on the court. Granted, he was not the player Westphal was, but Westphal was a multiple time All-Star for a reason.

I would like to believe that Paul Westphal is a qualified candidate but really, it doesn’t seem like he is. Petrie complimented him in a way that suggested “thank you for coming”. He didn’t do that with Jordan. He sounded like EJ was a serious candidate and believed he would be the coach they would offer the job to.

Geoff Petrie is a class guy. He doesn’t want to throw anybody under the bus. He doesn’t want to insult Paul Westphal by not giving him a chance to say “Hey, I’m your guy and pick me”. After all, why else would you bring the guy in for? Right? It’s not for token interest because why else would you not offer the job to Eddie Jordan with the job looming in Philadelphia?

All that being said, I would be shocked if Westphal was a candidate. I wasn’t ever too keen on the guy to begin with because I see him as a stopgap. That having been mentioned, I don’t think ill of Paul Westphal despite any Kevin Pelton statements to the contrary. I understand where Pelton was coming from as a Sonics fan. He was trying to give an honest assessment of where Paul Westphal stood.

So, after nearly 600 words, and a bunch of bullshit hyperbole from your’s truly, do you want to know why I’ve written said 600 words? Don’t be shocked if Eddie Jordan is offered the job tomorrow before Geoff Petrie leaves for Europe. Despite the stupidity of Ailene Voisin’s column today about how “sexy” a coaching search needs to be (or the pointless fact that coaching searches don’t usually sell tickets), one point she did make that did hit home was that the Kings did take on a higher profile candidate in 2007, and couldn’t wrap him up because of the Orlando job opening up. Even though her point of a “sexy” search was so stupid words don’t describe how stupid it in fact is, the point that the Kings need to go after Jordan when he is their guy is something that can’t be understated: You have to get him today or tomorrow. He can always tell Philadelphia no if he prefers the Sacramento job. That’s Philly’s problem after all. If he wants the Sacramento job, and everything else, then it’s simply down to economics.

In otherwords, if Eddie Jordan wants to coach in Philadelphia, it will be for the money. If he wants to coach a job in the modern NBA where economics are a major issue for the next few years, he might have to live with the fact he won’t be paid what Flip Saunders got to be his major replacement. But, hey, at least Eddie will have fall in the EC. Flip will stuck be in that humid hellhole DC. On 2nd thought, Eddie’s screwed. At least Sacramento doesn’t have Howard Eskin, so there’s a bonus.

Anybody who tells you this job is purely about money is probably lying. That is one possible motive. Future success with a roster could mean as much to Jordan as 1.5 million dollars could. Plus, it shouldn’t cramp EJ’s style too much. I would think that the possibility to coach a better roster exists in Sacramento long term, and that could be more appealing. That could also command a raise on Jordan’s part as well.

I think Jordan’s long term viability is in Sacramento with a young, and potentially very talented roster. With Philadelphia he has limited upside because of the difficulty in meshing Elton Brand in Philly’s offense, and he doesn’t necessarily have all the players who would be perfect fits for the Princeton offense which he prefers. Also, there would be a great deal of pressure to make the offense work without Andre Miller’s presence. In Sacramento he has a chance to make a real difference. In Philadelphia he has a chance to conduct the next potential train wreck. Sometimes circumstances mean more than money.

Kings Fans, Jordan is the guy. The question is does he agree?

UPDATE: Joe Maloof tells Sam Amick that they won’t make a decision until Petrie gets back from Europe. I don’t know if I should sit my ass in the fire and watch myself die, or just simply admit I should read Sam Amick’s blog entry every hour.

Maybe the screwiest part of what Joe said is that Petrie is going over to scout Ricky Rubio. That to me was more telling than what Joe said about Eddie. (And, I’m not surprised that they won’t offer him the job quickly. Then again, they might change their mind in 10 minutes too.)



  1. Hey Pook,

    After reading everything recent about EJ I’ve come to the same conclusion you have which is that he’s our best option as head coach.

    The thing that scares me a bit is that it looks like the 76ers very well may offer him the job. I agree with your assessment of the 2 situations and my only disagreement is that you may be painting too rosy of a picture here in Sac.

    What we are talking about here is the ‘potential” to get better and that’s if everything goes right. As fans we all pretty much underestimated how lousy we were going to be and how stinky the situation would become.

    With no worse than the 4th pick in the draft, hoping for a fantastic franchise player and also hoping that JT and Spence make major improvements to their games in the off season AND hoping that Kevin comes back healthy and full of fire and that we get the right coach to pull everything together that we are going to get right back on track to the playoffs.

    Was that one sentence? Anyway, however you slice it; that’s a lot of hoping. My point; we are just starting the rebuilding process, there are no guarantees that it goes according to plan and while trying to be realistic, the process is going to take longer than we think.

    Jordan may be looking at a choice that is pretty easy for him to make. More money in Philly, easier to make the playoffs in the east (from seeds 5 – 8) more media recognition from the east coast media as well as the chance that EB comes back healthy and fits in vs. slogging through the mud for the next two years at least, not improving dramatically and getting……………..muddy with not a lot of immediate progress to show for it.

    Which is why I keep checking back on ESPN to see if Philly has offered EJ the job.

    • Thanks for leaving your thoughts BJ. As always of course.

      As far as EJ, yeah, it’s hit & miss. I think Sacramento is the better long term situation, and Philadelphia the better short term situation if all goes well (which it may not).

      The funny thing is that when I originally wrote this I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to the outside world, and going mostly off the Hanson updates. Oh well. You know how the saying goes I’m sure.

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