Posted by: Kingsguru21 | May 25, 2009

Henry Abbott spreads gospel truth about Ricky Rubio

Reading this article by Henry Abbott of TrueHoop, makes me smile, and in essence, brings up a great point.

Should any team hand over the reins immediately to Rubio? No. Absolutely not. For every fan out there who rejoices that the Kings will now have a starting PG to replace Beno, well, don’t keep your head up.

About a week ago I wrote something very similar about Beno’s value in relation to the team as a pure stopgap who, if the Kings drafted Rubio, would become just as valuable as he would have been heading into the summer as the only potential PG on the roster. I didn’t mention Rubio directly in that post because it was on the heels of finding out the Kings finishing 4th. I used Tyreke Evans and Brandon Jennings as pure conjecture there.

Guess what? It’s equally true that the Kings MUST consider Rubio a pure upside talent who needs a year or two to simply develop.

That’s where Beno Udrih’s value comes in. Yes, it’s not exactly rosy that he was signed to a 5 year deal in 2008, and all, but at the same time it also gives this team a chance to figure out through each coming draft how they feel about the position in the coming years.

Henry Abbott mentioned something interesting:

One NBA front office executive suggests Rubio would be blessed to land on a team with an aging veteran like Nash or Kidd, — he’d get to play understudy, and the wins would keep coming to keep the fans, owners, coaches and media happy.

I agree with Henry as it would help Rubio adapt to the NBA. He just won’t be playing behind either guy next year. And to me, if the Clippers or Grizzlies decide he is the guy, I don’t see how that really benefits Rubio. That means the Clippers are bypassing the opportunity to trade Zach Randolph, and keep Blake Griffin. That means the Grizzlies are giving up on Mike Conley, Jr. That means OKC would likely be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole by forcing Westbrook to give up his PG duties.

The Kings, in my humble opinion, work just as well for Rubio because they have a starting PG that can make Rubio have to earn the job when he’s ready to take it from Beno. (If Rubio is as any good as people say, that shouldn’t be too hard.)

In essence, Henry Abbott, in his distinct way, is telling me the Kings should draft Ricky Rubio because that’s what best for Ricky Rubio. Right, Henry?


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