Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 7, 2009

Hey Jonathan Givony: Thanks for mentioning Brandon Jennings again

Reebok Eurocamp image

I like what Givony does at DX. I understand that he is reporting the sentiment, and I don’t wish to shoot the messenger. So, I’ll just leave it at that. But, at the same time, why is Jennings being singled out?

Read this:

You can sense a slight hint of disappointment in the absence of Brandon Jennings and a host of Serbian prospects who were denied the exposure this camp can provide by their own national team’s federation—including Milan Macvan, Nemanja Bjelica, Marko Keselj, Dragan Labovic, Milenko Tepic and Miroslav Raduljica. Jan Veseley was also barred from leaving for Treviso by his Serbian team Partizan Belgrade.

In May, here was the expected roster’s (which included Jennings) that the Reebok Eurocamp at Treviso were expecting: Ricky Rubio (he ends up not being mentioned in the May 10th writeup even though he was at different times being rumored to attend), Brandon Jennings, Omri Casspi among others who are now in the states.

I’ll give Givony credit: He’s stayed with the same point consistently that the lack of playing time on Jennings part has given teams less of a chance to get a real feel for him and his game.

I ask again, as I did yesterday in my long winded monstrosity, how does dominating Rodrigue Beaubois or Patty Mills help his draft stock? Even with Jennings not going to Eurocamp, Givony has Young Money listed at 13th going to Indiana right now. Rodrigue Beaubois is slated 30th going to Cleveland, and Patty Mills 31st going to Sacramento. (No one else who is a 1st round pick is in Eurocamp either.)

In other words, why should Jennings have to play his way into a top 5 pick playing against a camp of lower tier players in this draft? Rubio has not been mentioned recently, but if Rubio was there, why not Jennings? (That’s my only question here.)

But, since Rubio wasn’t likely to go because of his high profile, and the fact he probably didn’t feel like going, than what benefit does Jennings beating out Beaubois or Mills have?

That’s all I’m curious here. I can re-state the same point over & over. But, as I say, I’m confused.

That all being said, I see Givony’s point that Jennings could have really helped himself.


Which brings me to my overall point. Patty Mills may have not helped himself because his team got blown out. He got out played by Nando De Colo’s team. While it’s too early to draw conclusions, I wonder how much this would have helped Brandon Jennings overall. Especially given that teams sometimes make a mountain out of a molehill.

Who takes Brandon Jennings based on how you see him play 5 on 5 in Eurocamp? Why would that make you more impressed?

This is one reason why I think Jennings will have to show teams he’s emotionally and physically interested in staying in the NBA. I’m not sure Eurocamp does that. I’m not even sure how it can show that.

So, to ask again, why is Brandon Jennings being singled out here? Why is this anything more than people squawking that a player skipping college is a bad thing?

That being said, I’m interested to read how Eurocamp has gone because if nothing else, it could prove to be an important stock raiser for Beaubois and Mills if they both play really well. (Beaubois has played significantly better than Mills so far.) That is probably the most important point of Eurocamp. That, and this little point that Givony tucks away in a paragraph in his May 10th writeup:

The most interesting name (for us at least) on the always intriguing “next generation” list is that of Czech guard Tomas Satoransky. Still only 17 years old, Satoransky may be in over his head at times against players far older and more physically mature than him, but this is likely to be a real learning experience for him from a developmental standpoint. Part of the appeal in the Eurocamp is coming back year after year and seeing how players are progressing, and Satoransky is a very intriguing talent to follow.

So I leave you with this question: How is the NBA going to monitor Jennings’ progress year after year in Eurocamp?



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