Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 7, 2009

Rubio announces he’s going to file a lawsuit over his buyout with his Spanish team

Okay, so the title says it all. According to the magazine, La Vanguardia, Rubio is going to sue to get out of his contract with his team in Badalona, DKV Joventut. The reason we know about this is due to Hoopshype who linked to this today.

The crux of the argument, from Rubio’s perspective, is that the buyout in relation to what he’s being paid is totally unproportional. In a way, he could win this argument depending on how Spanish law works. I don’t know anything about finance law, let alone Spanish finance law, to know how the argument could work.

UPDATE: A reader on Sactown Royalty posts a precedent of a Spanish player in a similar situation, although not completely, who lost his case when he did the same thing that Rubio is doing. It’s worth keeping in mind.

But, that’s not where I’m going with this.

How does this affect Rubio’s draft status THIS YEAR? Until Draft Express reports this, and Givony holds forth on his opinion, I’m not really sure what this exactly means for Rubio as to whether he pulls in or out.

Long has it been mentioned that it would take a special situation to get Rubio out of Spain this year. More & more & more, the way it has gone with Memphis, or not at all, is that it’s not looking very special.

This rumor of a lawsuit is also not new news. It’s been rumored for at least a couple of months that he would file one. Here’s the thing. Why file a lawsuit now? (You don’t need a legal degree to figure this out.)

I think the lawsuit is the first sign that Rubio is pulling out if Memphis doesn’t make a major type of move soon. (I don’t think he’s even worried about OKC at this point.) Rubio wants to go to specific teams, and can pull out of the draft (he can enter the draft up to 3 times before he’s automatically eligible at age 22, but at the 3rd time, he automatically has to stay in the draft), and doesn’t believe Memphis is the right spot for him.

Which means, that despite whatever trade idea you’ve seen a Kings fan to get Rubio out of Memphis’ hands, is just an idea at this point.

Memphis is not going to let Rubio determine what they do with that pick. It’s dumb, and it’s bad business. The problem for Memphis is that Rubio has lot’s of leverage.

One piece of leverage is that the age argument for Rubio works again a year from now. It’s not going to be as good for him long term as if he entered the draft this season, but then again, it could be far better.

Rubio, and his handlers I suspect, recognize that the right situation is ideal for him. Memphis, Oklahoma City, or even Minnesota is not that. Especially when you gotta pay 8 1/2 million dollars to come play in the NBA for the right to play in one of those cities. That doesn’t entice you even if you got 60 million coming on the back end.

Which brings us to Sacramento.

Remember Ziller’s sad face? Remember all the moaning that Kings fans had over getting screwed? This is essentially the difference between Sacramento and Memphis. Sacramento, unlike Memphis, has positive vibes coming from it’s players about how they are treated here. In Memphis? Not so much. Pau Gasol quit on the Grizz before his departure. JC Navarro, originally excited to be in the NBA, lost interest and simply went back to Spain.

Rubio doesn’t want to be in Memphis if he can help it. He doesn’t feel very good about the organization, and regardless of what happens with Marc Gasol, I imagine that won’t change much.

So my point here is simple: The Kings have engendered some good ill will with how they treat players. They aren’t particularly hard on international players, and the community generally receives all players in Sactown well.

You think that’s lost on Rubio or Fegan, his American agent, in any of this?

If you think the Kings are in a bad position by being at 4, try being the Grizzlies (OKC is not in a bad position here regardless) where you jump up 3 spots during the draft lottery only to have a guy who may potentially pull out of the draft due to his tricky financial situation and dislike of your organization.

I would much rather be the Kings than the Grizzlies.

Even then, this only means that the talk about Holiday, Evans or Jennings should intensify right now. Breaking down their strengths, weaknesses, and what they potentially offer is an interesting contrast to whatever the Kings could be looking for long term.

Sometimes being screwed is the best position of all. Viva Cowtown!



  1. […] After all, it’s embarrasing for a player to be suing a club while playing for them. So maybe, I’m just a fat know-it-all ignoramus after all. High school junior Jeremy Tyler—who reportedly has offers from two teams in Greece […]

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