Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 8, 2009

Sam Amick updates us on the coaching search

Unlike Jonathan Givony who said the Kings were trying to meet with money (and I suspect years) on the Rambis front, Sam Amick reports today on the SacBee blog that the Kings have all 3 candidates (Rambis, Thibodeau and Westphal) still in the running.

Here’s 1 money quote from the thing though:

There were rumblings late last week that Westphal might pull out of the race, and it says something that he remains. If Westphal happened to pull out, this search would be without the only candidate that legitimately fulfills the initial parameters of experience and success. And then some. (To be fair, Rambis was 24-13 in his partial season as Lakers head coach in 1998-99, with a series win over Houston and a Western Conference semifinal loss – by way of sweep – to San Antonio)

This is the other:

When it comes to Westphal and assessing his time as a pro coach, I’ve learned that there are staunchly-split camps. One camp says he’s a creative offensive mind, top-notch tactician and born winner whose ability to handle personalities shouldn’t be defined by his Seattle experience. The other camp says he is a man who benefited from wildly-talented NBA rosters, with his style too lax and focus too one-sided to make him the right candidate for the Kings. The Oliver read won’t likely change any opinions on either side, but at least it gets us out of the same old thought box.

First, I can’t blame Westphal if he’s frustrated. Make a decision already. I want a decision, and if I would be on the hook for the next 2 years of my life, and interviewed a month ago almost, I would be ready to pull out too.

But, he hasn’t.

I could speculate that the tone of Westphal changed when he told the team what assistants he wanted to bring in. That might have cooled interest from the Maloof’s end, or even Petrie’s end I suppose.

Here’s what I don’t understand. Why does it matter what assistants Westphal wants to bring in? Why is his record even part of the evaluation process? Why does it matter why Rambis has never been a head coach minus his short stint for the Lakers in the 99 season, and more accurately, why is Thibodeau only being mentioned as a candidate on Amick’s side?

I understand the need to “emphasize” defense. I understand the need to bring in a coach who will bring in a tougher philosphy. I understand the idea that Westphal’s personality is too lax.

This would lend me to believe the Maloof’s don’t want him because he’s too similar to Adelman. They don’t want an offensively geared team because we all know offensively geared teams don’t win championships. Right?

Here’s the thing about personality. I’m curious as how Charles Barkley got along well with Westphal, but couldn’t with Rudy Tomjanovich. Both were considered good guys, and both were considered to be mild-mannered in many ways.

So, if an abrasive prick like Barkley could get along with Westphal, why couldn’t he get along with Tomjanovich?

I don’t get what the hold up on this deal is. If you don’t hire a coach because he reminds you too much of Adelman, or hire a guy because one of his assistants that he would lean toward hiring, played for Adelman and then later came on board as an assistant on Adelman’s staff, then you’re doing something wrong.

Or, does Houston ring a bell? Do I have to remind you folks that the Kings were 25th in offensive rating, and 30th in defensive rating. With most of the same players.

Let’s let this shit go already. Pick a coach, and pick a guy whom you think will do the best job with the talent you have on hand (mostly young). My choice right now is Westphal because I think his offense will out perform any offense this team has had in the last 5 years with the players the Kings have (especially if SpeedRacer is healthy).

I can get behind Rambis, but the reasons for not hiring Westphal had better be something more than his personality or the dislike of his potential assistant coaches. Yet, I’m betting that’s what will happen.

Joe & Gavin, and their dopey family, if they hire Rambis or Thibodeau for defensive reasons, still haven’t learned their lesson. We’re doomed.


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