Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 10, 2009

Video of Geoff Petrie talking about hiring Westphal; Rambis speaks out

Here is the youtube link of Geoff Petrie talking about the hire of Westphal:

Of more interest, however, Rambis talked about why he chose to not accept the possibility of being a Kings head coach (there is an mp3 file there off the SacBee blog link):

“I really did not want to focus on it (the Kings’ coaching situation). They put some sort of timetable there. I understand that they wanted to move forward in their coaching search, but really what it came down to was that they have a bunch of young players on their team. It’s a project team. As it stands right now, that team is – particularly in the Western Conference – is a ways away from winning.

“They have holes in their roster, and they certainly have to improve as a ballclub if they expect to win. And I was just looking to be involved with that team for a longer term than what the Sacramento Kings were looking for. I think that that’s basically what it came down to. I like the Kings organization, I like Geoff Petrie as a general manager. The Maloofs are good owners, but my vision and their vision just didn’t coincide, so I decided to turn their offer down and they moved in another direction.”

Yet another reason, among many, why Westphal turned out to be the ideal candidate for this job given the circumstances.

That’s just the bottom line.



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