Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 12, 2009

Westphal going to be introduced formally as Kings head coach; the Battle Royale finally takes place

Today, at 1:30 pm no less, Paul Westphal will be formally announced as the Kings head coach. This is hardly news, except, that it’s happening on the same day as 3 big prospects (Flynn, Holiday & Jennings) will be coming in for workout’s.

What’s so unusual about this, is that Westpha’s presser will be after the workout’s. Truthfully, I’m not that interested in the presser as I think many of the pressing questions have been answered.

However, one interesting thing that did emerge from Amick’s article, which will be covered more in depth later, is that apparently Westphal will have 650K to spend on assistants. (That’s according to 2 of Amick’s sources.)

If you wish to post any presser thoughts, post them here. As everything comes out about the workout’s, I’ll be working on an entry for that as well. Viva Kings!


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