Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 16, 2009

A quick thought on SF

Last night Tom Ziller, among other things, talked about the hole at SF.

He makes a great point that with all the talk about Hedo Turkoglu, that people aren’t talking about Trevor Ariza.

I got a better idea?

Why talk about either? What’s the point of paying either? This team is going to have holes, and wouldn’t it be at least easier to fill some of these holes down the road through the draft, and in 2010 when the team will have more cap room?

Personally, giving Donte Greene a shot (a real shot) first is something I’d like to see before the Kings commit to another SF long term (other than Noc).

I think, and the Kings are fortunate that in a draft that is weaker (if for nothing else by the guys who just didn’t join up to begin with) they have a big hole at PG to fill, and that hole could be addressed by the quality of the depth at the position in the draft this year.

Could you imagine Ricky Rubio/Brandon Jennings/Jonny Flynn (those are my 3 right now period) with Kevin Martin, Donte Greene, Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes?

Isn’t that even all that hard a projection to make at this point?

I think the question right now is that will the Kings find cheap talent elsewhere to fill in the gaps (to save money I suppose) and let this young talent answer many of the questions we (and the organization) all have at this point.

It’s a hell of a lot better than overpaying Trevor Ariza or even Hedo Turkoglu right now. Who knows? You might even find a player who is worth more to you in 2010.



  1. “Could you imagine Ricky Rubio/Brandon Jennings/Jonny Flynn (those are my 3 right now period) with Kevin Martin, Donte Greene, Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes?”

    I could deal with this for a year or two. They might not win a lot of games year one, but they would be fun to watch develop. I just don’t know how much stomach Kings fans have at this point to watch another horseshit season…even IF it means success two or three seasons down the road.

    • I recognize that Otis. My problem is this: Is Hedo Turkoglu or Trevor Ariza going to change that?

      Furthermore, is it going to matter? Kings fans are going to have to live with that this team is rebuilding, and as such, they’re going to be losing games.

      I think fans will embrace this team as having a future once they see all the pieces push together. Right now it’s really hard to imagine that with the draft (and the perception of being screwed no matter how really erroneous it is) and with players who don’t capture alot of the bandwagon babies imagination.

      This is probably all moot. Hedo is a terrific fit, and the Magic have said they are willing to pay the tax (publicly). Ariza is a different story, but I don’t really see how exactly he wants to go to a team that lost 17 games a year even if the Kings ofer him 8 million (which they would be lucky to have under the cap).

      Frankly, I want this team to go young, let Westphal be patient with these young guys and let them develop, and a year from now, let’s start having the FA conversation when the money given to all these guys will come more into view.

  2. Turkoglu? I hope we pass – but it’s probably a moot point anyways, as you mentioned – Orlando has indicated they will venture into luxury tax territory if necessary.

    Ariza is an intriguing guy, but he has a bit of a “flavor of the week” feel to him. There’s something about him that I just don’t like (besides being a Laker). I think it’s primarily from watching numerous Laker games this year, and feeling that he only impacted the game periodically. There is a very good chance he’s just a product of playing in a great system that gives him a chance to freelance a bit on defense – and he benefits from having the defense focus on Kobe and Pau. My gut instinct is that some team will pay decent money for Ariza then get burned on the return.

    We are definitely on the same page – add a solid young player with the #4 and let Westphal do his thing. Even though the team was far less successful in 2008-2009 than 2007-2008, I enjoyed watching the games far more. You could see guys like Hawes and Thompson develop (despite the crazy coaching situation). I could handle another year or two of that, as long as we are still seeing a progression in the skill set of the young guys.

    • On the same page is damn right Otis. This team doesn’t need to spend money just to keep “fans” interested in the team. Show promise, win a few games nobody else expects you to win, and what do you know, everybody says, hey I never left.

      Bandwagon babies coincide with the general feeling of the team. Always has been that way, and always will be.

  3. Pook, I totally agree with you on this, the last thing we need right now is to add some FA vets who are not going to make a substantial difference right now anyway.

    I think we are going to be better this season regardless who we draft and my favorites for the 4th spot in the draft would be Rubio, Jennings, Flynn and Evans without a huge preference, meaning I would be happy with any of them and don’t see why we need to trade away any assets to improve our draft position.

    I think there is going to be a good chance that Beno comes back and plays better then he did last season. With all the crap that’s been written about him this year if he’s got any balls at all he’s going to come back fired up and ready to keep the new kid on the bench all season.

    He played well the last 5-7 games and with a coach with a discernible offensive game plan and communication skills I’m anticipating that Beno is going to have a season that will, if not silence his critics, at least reduce the criticism to a dull roar and if he elevates his game maybe earn some grudging respect.

    Evans interests me because he really is a combo guard and we could take Evans and still have the possibility at taking of taking a second tier 1 with the 31st pick assuming we keep it. If we keep all three picks I’d like to see us take either Sam Young or Derrick Brown with the 23rd pick.

    It is way to soon to start trading all the youth and picking up FA’s until the team has a chance to see what we have and until they have a clearer idea of where we are going and what we have in the rooks picked this draft.

    Next season with a lot of cap space and with the kids having a minimum of a years experience will put the team in a much better place to pick up Free Agents, maybe trade some of our young players and continue to improve through the draft.

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