Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 16, 2009

Things that really piss me off

Sorry, but I’m a bit ticked off. So, if this seems like stupid or pointless to you after the first paragraph or two, feel free to go elsewhere. Racial slurs, and other bullshit will commence.


Throughout the draft process, and at other times, I keep hearing about how much better it would be if kids stayed in school. (Or, be like Derrick Rose and be so stupid that you either to have cheat on the SAT to get into Memphis with oh so high admissions standards, or like Brandon Jennings and go oversea’s to make a million dollars while mostly sitting on the bench for an Italian League team.)

You know, heaven forbid that dumb young niggers make a lot of money. Because after all, we wouldn’t want any of them to be seen, you know, as young men making a lot of money. We wouldn’t even want to see them as athletic marvels who can do things we can’t and therefore are in a position to make the kind of money we all can dream about.

So, in the end, what kills me is that a kid like Brandon Jennings, with his low SAT’Q and all that, among other things, is just another one of these dumb cocky black kids from the ghetto who is running and his mouth and showing how unedcuated he is. (You know, like twittering, having a blog, and all that. But, hey, any dumb nigger kid from Compton can make a million bucks if he set his mind to it right? Right.)

Here’s the deal folks. I’m getting really tired of the bullshit that surrounds young black men, let alone young 19 year old black men boys who aren’t necessarily the world’s foremost thinkers. These guys are not Rhodes Scholars. And, if by some oft chance you think they are, perhaps you should exit now.

Which of course brings me to the point I was making above. There are people who wish to rant and rave how these kids, 19 year olds at that, are bringing down society. Alexander the Great had sex with 10 year old boys. There are NFL players with criminal records longer than this post. NHL is routinely cheered for it’s inordinate violence. This ranks a bit higher as a problem in society than me typing the word “nigger” or Derrick Rose cheating on a pointless exam to get in a college he’s not going to get an education from anyway.

I won’t even bother to go into the dumb endeavor of why NCAA ball is so pointless after what happened with Tim Floyd, USC, OJ Mayo and Reggie Bush.

The point? We love our double-standards. We love our pointless bullshit because it helps get what we want in the way we prefer. Everyone wins? Right? Eh, no.

This is why I have a blog of my own as it is. You think I could write this somewhere else? (Besides, I hate the word Nigger. If I have my choice of black racial slurs, it’s jiggaboo. It at least makes sense. Nigger? Fuck that shit. Too hard to say.)

Bill Simmons said it best the day after David Halberstam died. There is always going to be challenges of selling a predominantly black league to a predominantly white public. And, issue’s such as leaving for college always come up. Because, unlike the NFL, or MLB, the NBA is viewed as a “Black” league. It’s a shame, and it’s racist, but hey, what the hey. We wouldn’t want to admit that we have stereotype’s, or even view people that way. We wouldn’t even want to admit that Derrick Rose getting into Memphis, even as it’s proving to be a sham that he got into the school in the first place, was a good thing for basketball. It got high ratings. People loved him. He was humble.

But he cheated on the SAT. And he’s black? How dare he do such things! Especially at 18! Especially in a light of a completely pointless, racist, money driven rule that was designed to bring issue’s of this about. No, I know why the issue was brought about in the 2005 CBA. If this was another league, the issue WOULD HAVE NEVER COME UP. White people don’t give a damn when they’re kids are getting drafted into the bottom of the 1st round in the MLB draft but sure as hell raise hell when a black kid with cornrows, more tattoo’s than LA Inc walks up and shakes David Stern’s hand at the podium. Oh wait, though, everyone loves LeBron James.

He has more tattoo’s than a biker bar.

If anything, I always enjoy the hypocrisy. I probably will get a ton of email, and a bunch of heat for daring to use that dirty word. If so, fuck you too very much. In a country that has awful education, a wacked out budget in the federal government, many states in sinking debt, and a country with wacked out priorities in general, there is always going to be a silly part of the population that will focus on me writing the word “nigger” as if it matters. The context, or the point, won’t matter. It will just simply end up being OH MY FUCKING GOD HOW DARE DID HE USE SUCH AN INFLAMMATORY WORD IN SUCH AN AWFUL WAY HOW DARE HE DEMEAN BLACK PEOPLE LIKE THAT.

Right. Like me using the word “nigger” compares to a high incarceration rate, high unemployment rates, high rates of drug abuse including alcohol, and an increasing majority of young people who clearly are not as well educated as their families were 50 years ago.

But, hey, I used the word “nigger” and I’m white. Stab me with the pitchforks while you’re at it. It will save me from having to read any email.


Here’s what really kills me though. Good stories, stories like Derrick Brown for instance, rarely get told. It’s always the Rose’s, Jenning’s of the world. Yet, Derrick Brown, who in 3 years no less, along with being a high level of basketball player no less, graduated from Xavier in 3 years. I don’t think Xavier fast tracked him for the hell of it. I’m pretty sure you do that on your own. Or, maybe I’m just an idiot.

Yet, every media outlet will report Brown as leaving school early. Umm, when you graduate school, you leave for a career. In the NBA, at marketing firms in NYC, or somewhere else (Brown’s degree is in marketing–congratulations–I don’t have a job, and I won’t do that–I find that more impressive than his 7’2 wingspan or his athleticism combined with defensive tenacity–no matter how much I appreciate those things as well), people usually are lauded for such accomplishments. It means something.

Yet, players like Brown are not celebrated for their type of accomplishments. They’re just merely ignored. We’re inundated with reasons why players leaving early hurts the NCAA (code word: their pocket books), but we get to hear mercilessly why Derrick Rose cheating on the SAT matters. Or why Brandon Jennings isn’t draft-able. Watch this though. It might explain my point a little bit better. (If you don’t want to watch the whole clip, start watching about the 3:20 mark. It goes on for about 2 minutes. It will explain it if my words won’t figure it out for you.)

If the standards that we expect include censorship of words, ignorant pointless words that have, over time, been lumped in with actual problems and issue’s in society, than well, I suppose that’s a problem I’m going to have.

Personally, I don’t have any reason to use racial slurs. I also don’t have any reason not to either. There has long been a double standard of political correctness that allows a certain level of dis-respect when it’s not a black person involved. However, if that black person is involved, lord forbid we say anything like that. It would just not be right. Disrespectful even.

All I know, all I really care about here is, among other things, that if discourse is the problem here, than so be it. But, in the United States, discourse is not a problem. We have plenty of it. What we don’t have is a reasonable way to discern what is and what isn’t useful. We don’t properly put things into context or learn what’s useful and what isn’t. Some of this is living in a soundbite world. Some of this is how the world evolved into today.

Guess what? Calling a Derrick Brown a “nigger” is ignorant. Why? His name is Derrick Brown. Simple as that. The man isn’t stupid, nor is he conducting himself in a poor pithy fashion. He isn’t making ultimatum’s (although I’m sure he’d like to be in that position) about where he will play. He just wants a job. And, like him, there are a lot of hard working black kids in a similar position, many of whom have degree’s, who just don’t have, and never will have the raw talent of players like a Brandon Jennings.

And, so what?

I’ve never heard anyone mention that Magic Johnson leaving for the NBA was a terrible thing. People don’t rant and rave over Isiah Thomas doing the same exact thing. How many people ever mention that Hakeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler left after their junior year’s in the early to mid 80’s?

Why is that when High School players are brought up, players who were absolute failures like Korleone Young or Leon Wood are always brought up (unlike Kwame Brown who is still in the league), but at the same time nobody is bothered by LeBron James? (Or the fact that the NBA waited to push that rule so they could get LeBron into the league sooner.)

Does anybody find it ironic that the 2 finalist’s in the NBA this year were led by players (Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard) who jumped directly from High School?


If you want to fix a broken system, than fix it. Stop instituting this half ass bullshit that allows the NCAA, and the NBA, and these asswipes who spend the either/or type deal’s ignoring whatever side of the argument that doesn’t quite fit with their’s in order to make the point.

Here’s a solution.

Let High School players jump. Make College players declare for the draft, or don’t. They can’t have it both ways. They either jump straight away, or they don’t. Make them make that decision.

Lower the age back to 18 so that everyone, including international players, can benefit. The NBA is not the American constitution. Black Kids from Chicago, LA, Philly and Rucker Park aren’t guaranteed jobs there. The NBA is the best players, blue, brown, white, black, gray and whatever else under the sun, who can play. Period. Simple. End of story.

If you want the college game to be about student athletes, than make it about student athletes. Stop making it about the money (wait a minute college administrator’s cry; you want to hurt the other student athletes who are benefitted by these other bullshit “student athletes” by doing this?).

Actually, I don’t want to make this about the other student-athletes. That’s simply colleges trying to justify the current system and the money it makes. If the NCAA no longer has the Derrick Rose’s to sell to people during the tournament, they lose a huge chunk of CBS’ money down the road. They’re simply protecting their interest. The NCAA won’t go down without a fight here. Not when 3-5 billion dollars is at stake. Would you piss that money away without sending your bullshit/spin/hype artists out? No, of course not.

The expectation for college basketball enthusiasts has always been that we get to see the best players play in college before jumping to the pro’s. It worked for the NBA in the 80’s, so why not now?

Because this isn’t the 1980’s. Because, this isn’t the Magic-Larry era where the highest rated college game ever (and 5 years later the highest rated NBA game ever) anymore.

It’s a different era.

If you want to change something, change it. If the NCAA was interested in educating these kids, and it seems to me they aren’t, than they would be interested in hyping kids like Derrick Brown. 21 years old, athletic, talented, has a degree in 3 years.

Nah, let’s talk about Brandon Jennings failed the SAT’s instead. That’s a really good story. It was a really good story the first 5 million times I heard it too.

Damn Niggers. How dare they?

Which brings me to the end of the “Renaissance Man” clip. The character Hobbs (who actually ends by the end being a drug dealer hiding out in the Army–not a first by the way) tells Danny Devito’s character (Bill) that “He who increases his knowledge increases his sorrow.” Devito’s response? He thinks for a moment, and then guesses Shakespeare. Hobbs simply replies,” Nope, the Bible. Even Shakespeare has his superior.”

If word’s aren’t so important, and education is, let’s make it that way.


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