Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 17, 2009

Ricky Rubio musings

I like Ricky Rubio, and I think a majority of Kings fans want him right now. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the Kings are obligated to take him because he WANTS to be in the EC. In fact, that shouldn’t sway the argument no matter how hard The Blogfather of Kings Mania has dubbed it.

The truth is that Kings fans will get behind whoever the Kings select at some point, or at least the majority of them will. If the Kings end up taking Brandon Jennings, or Jonny Flynn, then the point may be that either guy is the right player for this team in the long term. If Jennings becomes the next Chris Paul (very doubtful) or Tony Parker (far more likely) in terms of style, than perhaps the point here is not what the people love about Rubio at the moment.

But all Ricky mania has proven, among other things, is that it’s Ricky mania. Very few people have broken down his game. What they don’t realize, or understand, is that he won’t be very good. Especially his first season without strength or great athleticism along without having a suspect perimeter game to boot.

Beno Udrih’s improvement as a player may be the single biggest reason the Kings offense as a team improves. Donte Greene could play great potentially, but he’s still not likely to get more than 15-20 mins for the majority of the season. (His potential should earn him that. He needs to earn more than that with how he produces.) But, by the same token, Ricky Rubio doesn’t have much strength, doesn’t have much athleticism, and his intangibles can only take him so far.

My point here is not to denigrate “The Blogfather” (who in this case is not Henry Abbott–sorry Ben–he is “The Blogfather” for the Blazers, and the web in general, but not for the Kings in this context ), nor do I wish to even make this anything but clear.

You pick Rubio because you believe he can become a fluid like player (such as Tim Duncan) who has absolutely no hitch in his stride, shot, or anything period. Rubio MUST NOT remain herky-jerky, limited, or anything else.

None of this is to say I’ll be disappointed that the Kings would take Rubio. I wouldn’t be. I’d be thrilled; ecstatic even. I do think it’s possible that all of Rubio’s limitations can be fixed, and in time, say 3 years, end up being the best player out of this draft class. I also believe that’s possible with Jennings despite his 14 year old blowup a week ago. His SAT’Q is not the question here. His ability to run a team, and use the lessons in Europe to augment his natural AAU skill is the question with B-Money.

But, if you’re the Kings and you want the best player, you don’t let hype, interest in a city where most people are down on much of what is Kings related in the EC, and nationally, or that player’s interest in you, be the deciding factor. It can’t hurt, and this is no doubt any less true than 5 mins ago when I started writing this.

What is true is that taking Rubio because he wants to be here, and you HOPE that all his flaws are fixable are not the same thing.

People have to understand that difference. My hope, although I’m not convinced today, is that is what happens.



  1. 1. The fact that Rubio wants to go to Sacramento etc. should not be crucial indeed. But it is still important.

    2. I’m not sure (okay, reading StR mostly) whether it is really majority of fans who want him. Those who like him are very clamant (or just happy and thrilled) now, few might have been convinced of him. But his dissentients just don’t comment on this kind of news as far as I can see.

    3. Not having much enough to say about basketball, I must refer to something I wrote in the past… So I stay with the arguments I gave at this place: That means: rookie pointguards in the league are overwhelmingly inefficient, bring just very little impact (apart from Paul, Rose and Westbrook are two PGs with biggest impact in their rookie year in the last decade) and generally mature later than players in other positions. Moreover, Rubio will be the youngest pointguard drafted so high in the last decade (and possible ever, I have not done the research so far).

    So it will take a lot of patience with him and you are probably right that many people do not expect this. On the other hand, I believe that with Rubio, this need of patience will be balanced with some excitement that he might bring.

    • Yep kffce. Thanks for reading and comment. I’m not really sure I have anything to add to that. But, it sounds just about right to me.

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