Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 18, 2009

Chris Wallace has now become the new Lenny Harris

That’s code for: You’re really fucking stupid dude. Seriously, and I mean that. Just read this, and possibly the Tillery link as well.

I understand that Memphis fans really want Rubio, and believe that the franchise is doing the right thing by playing hardball. The problem is that Rubio has killed any chances of making a reasonable deal for the Grizzlies, and a team like the Kings, especially if they act like they’re desperate to get Rubio, which is stupid, only makes this worse.

The Kings have many problems themselves. Helping Grizzly fans is not their problem, or their concern.

That’s the whole issue I have with Chip Crain of 3 shades of Blue statement. I understand his perspective. I would want to believe that too if I were him.

Quite honestly as a fan of this here Cowtown King team, I can’t quite figure out why the Grizzlies are playing so hard to get here. Most teams won’t give up much to get Rubio especially if they figure it’s all a crap shoot. My philosphy would be something of the realm of: “Either the player we get pans out, or it doesn’t. I’m not giving up anything substantial because outsiders think I should. Nobody is worth that in this draft.”

That’s where the Kings are in the drivers seat here. They can do something that no other team can do. They can spurn the Grizzlies AND DARE THEM to take Rubio. In fact, that’s exactly what they should do. It’s dumb negotiating strategy for 2 rival teams to let each other off the hook. The problem here, as it will remain with Memphis, is that the perception they’re a poorly run team (not going away any time soon) is just that. Rubio doesn’t want to be there because of Mayo and Conley. I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t either.

Quite honestly, this reminds me a ton of what Milwaukee did in 2007. They were insistent on taking Jianlian, and were insistent on making him fit. They then traded him a year later for so-so value in Richard Jefferson. At the 6th overall pick? You want better value than that, I’m sorry.

And, at the 2nd overall pick, I would want something great for it in return. As a Kings fan I know the Grizzlies are stuck here because the Kings have a similar problem. Who wants to trade up to get the 4th overall pick if the value of a 4th pick isn’t that much different than the 10th overall pick? And, given the financial struggles of most teams, why would it behoove any of them to even bother?

It wouldn’t.

I can even see the Knicks trying to get the #2 overall pick by trading their #8th overall pick and David Lee in a S&T. But, that seems dumb. Because Lee isn’t that good of an interior defender, I don’t really see how that helps the Grizzlies.

Keep in mind, this is not me hoping the Grizz don’t take Rubio. I truthfully don’t care one way or the other. IF they do take him, my hope is the Kings lowball the Grizz on a steadfast offer of swapping picks, and otherwise, have a nice day type of thing. Anything beyond that I won’t get behind, and will rip the franchise for doing so. You don’t let a franchise off the hook for doing this type of deal, and you don’t let them off the hook for doing something stupid in a situation where they are desperate.

The reason I disagree with the idea that the Grizz lose here if they trade Rubio is for several reasons.

A) they don’t have players that do what he does well elsewhere, nor do they have a real opening where he could start in 2 years. Both OJ Mayo and Mike Conley are heavy ball handling G’s. Rubio see’s it as a bad fit, and if I were he, I would too.

B) Is there really such a divide between Rubio and Jennings/Evans/Flynn and Holiday.

C) This seems to be a total PR ploy more than making your basketball team better.

That’s why every team can lowball the Grizz. That’s why every team should, and that’s why the Kings shouldn’t make a strong play for Rubio. I ain’t lying when I say I’ll be pissed if they trade even Kenny Thomas for Marko Jaric to get the rights to Rubio. I’ll be hot, and that’s something I won’t get over. The perception, not necessarily the reality, is that today Rubio is the 2nd best prospect.

I don’t agree there is a clear best prospect. There is a player that fits best for your team. I think Rubio can be argued that he fits well with the Kings, but I can easily make that argument for Flynn, Jennings and Holiday.

The difference is that none brings the resume or talk that Rubio does.

That’s why everyone believes what they do. Personally, I think it’s all hogwash. I don’t blame Chip Crain for his beliefs because as I mentioned in his comments at 3 shades, I think the Grizz are in a tough spot.

That just means, from the Kings perspective, you have to be willing to live without Rubio. The Kings should absolutely be prepared for that possibility. After all, when the Kings took Stojakovic, instead of John Wallace like the fans believed, the Kings were worse off right?



  1. There is really one question to ask on this whole subject – is Geoff Petrie the kind of GM that will play this game?

    I really don’t think so…this doesn’t seem like Petrie’s M.O. – having the #4 pick and Rubio off the board is not really a desparate situation. You’ve still got talented guys like Jennings, Evans and Flynn there.

    Not to say Memphis won’t trade the pick in advance of the draft, or pick Rubio then trade him. I just don’t see Petrie wanting to get posterized by a guy like Wallace. The reward doesn’t equal the risk involved.

    • Thank You Otis. I knew you would agree with me, but you would state it in more succinct (not to mention a ton shorter) terms.

      This is the quote of the day for me: “The reward doesn’t equal the risk involved.” Damn Skippy it doesn’t. The Grizzlies taking Rubio is their problem, and not the Kings. I still fear they will though.

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