Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 18, 2009

Hey Ailene Voisin: How can Brandon Jennings be overhyped if he’s barely getting any to begin with?

That’s a simple question that the title asks. I repeat it again: How you can you possibly be overhyped when very few people have any reasonable opinion of you.

Oh, that’s right, Dan Peterson, he of Spanish ACB fame, and a current Italian League commenter knows all about Brandon Jennings. Because he, like us, saw something that was obvious.

First, the quote Peterson said: ”

Ricky Rubio is not overhyped,” said Peterson, who broadcast several of Jennings’ games last season for Lottomatica Virtus Roma. “Jennings is overhyped. He has it all backwards. He is all about trying to dominate one-on-one, all concerned with individual talent. I find it hilarious.”
Peterson went on to say that he liked Jennings’ quickness and talent, but didn’t think he was NBA-ready. Rubio, he says, is NBA ready. “One of the things that happens in the NBA, everybody has a theory on what a guy can’t do. That’s all you hear. Sacramento would be very lucky to get Ricky Rubio. It would be a good place for (Rubio), the capital city of California, not too big. He is just a terrific player, though he needs to improve his three-point shooting. He gets into the lane, draws fouls, has the whole package. People would love him there. He’s a winner. I would throw myself in front of a bus for Ricky Rubio. But I would have a hard time having Brandon Jennings on my team. I would send him home.”

No kidding Dan. You don’t like B-Money. And, I don’t blame you.

But, umm, not to be a dick, but some of the best European talents to ever play in the NBA, including Vlade Divac, struggled to adapt to the NBA game right away. It took them a little time.

How is Rubio any different than that?

I have no doubt Ricky Rubio is ready to play in the NBA. I have no doubt that Ricky could end up being the best player in this particular draft.

What I do doubt, among other things, is that Brandon Jennings is any less ready for the NBA than Rubio is. He’s used to being criticized, he’s taken heat for everything under the sun, and it’s no surprise someone like Peterson doesn’t like Jennings. (A former small college coach/long time player and coach in the European leagues doesn’t like B-Money? No way.)

In other bullshit news, Arnold Schwarznegger is still governor, and the capitol of California is still Sacramento. Yawn.



  1. I finally made an account to comment here ^^

    Wanna know the funny thing?
    The exact number of Jennings’ matches broadcasted by Dan Peterson is….0. Yeah, like the “0” on Gilbert Arenas’ jersey.
    The network that is still misteriously paying that jerk does not broadcast italian basketball’s matches, but only NBA ones.

    Peterson has the disturbing habit to judge everything as he knows everything, but he probably lives in his own world where he still works with Bob McAdoo

    • Panzer. I love you dude (or in the very off chance that you’re a woman–which only increases my love for what it’s worth–haha) for making that comment.

      Peterson lives in Italy, but how can he comment on Jennings’ Italian League games if he isn’t even watching them let alone watching when Jennings played? (And, by watching, I mean live, not on TV.) It makes little sense.

      Besides, if Peterson has more sway than Nenad Trajkovic (which is a huge coup for Roma I think), I would be shocked.

      You don’t work for Partizan Belgrade as long as Trajkovic did and not be respected. It’s the name of the game.

      LOL @ the world he lives in. That’s funny as I’m sure alot of fans (I didn’t till a few months ago) didn’t know that McAdoo even played in Italy. (Let alone with Mike D’Antoni.)

      Panzer, and thanks for commenting btw, it’s safe to say me education about European basketball has come very full circle. One of the best things about the whole game being global is that fans are now global as well. Which means that fans such as yourself Panzer, can talk with me. Again, thanks for commenting.

  2. I think Peterson’s mother has more sway than her son.
    He was very celebrated as a coach (hey, I won coaching an italian team with some unknown guys…who? well, D’Antoni, McAdoo and hall of famer Dino Meneghin), but now the only one who thinks he understand that the 70’s are over is his “partner” in the network, a dumbass named Guido Bagatta that pretends to be D’Antoni’s friend (well, maybe he is truli his friend, but he remains a dumbass, granted).

    The funny thing is that Dan Peterson is famous in italian TV for having commented WWE wrestling in the 90’s and doing a trashy famous advertising for Lipton Ice Tea.

    Anyway, it’s my pleasure to comment here…I discovered Sactown Royalty because of Evil Cowtown INC. (I thought “Hey, if all the users on that forum are like these guy, it’s an ass kicking one!”…not all the guys are like you, but hey, Sactown Royalty is ass kicking, and so is Evil Cowtown!)

  3. Hey, all this talking brought me a memory of a thing that Bagatta (Peterson’s workmate) said.
    He was interviewing “Il Mago” Bargnani this june, and he asked who was the most impressionant player he played against.
    Bargnani answered Tim Duncan, saying he does crazy movements, and Bagatta simply said: “Even if he’s “bollito”? (“bollito” is literally translated in “boiled”, and in Italy is used about players who have definitively terminated their career and are unable to play anymore).

    Now, that’s what he said about one of the greatest big men that have played in the NBA EVER.

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