Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 18, 2009

So much news so little time

I had a Algebra Final (yes Algebra, and yes I’m in college–fuck off) to study for. I’ve been neglecting posting here pretty much for 5 or so days. It’s amazing that as many people have come here in that time anyway (a negligent TZ (ha!) and Celtics Blog can be blamed for such things).

So, in essence, I’m sorry. But, I’m back on track. Until school starts up again. And, then things get bad again. Thankfully, among other things, it won’t be that bad to cover a team over the summer.

I’m going to ignore much of Ricky mania since I’ve talked about that on the time I did spend here at EC Inc.

The more salient news is that Terry Porter won’t be coaching here in the EC for at least next season. (And most likely beyond.)

Is this that big of a deal? Eh, who knows? Until the staff is put together by Westphal, it’s only a matter of time. Westphal has time to get his staff together. But, right now, he’s also busy courting Ricky Rubio (dammit–I give in–I’ll post relevant stuff that’s new as of yesterday), and he’s also watching and evaluating other draft prospects as part of Geoff Petrie’s brain trust.

He’s surely called people like Terry Porter, and the fact that Porter is talking to Amick is confirmation that Westphal has talked to him. (Or, Sam Amick mentioning it in his story works too. Told ya I’m off.) But, that’s about it.

And, does it mean anything? No, it just means that Westphal will cross Porter off and go to the next guy. It’s pretty much that simple at this point.

Rubio was sick yesterday, which means what, again? Nothing. Unless acting like a maniacal maniac is your thing.

(It’s also easy to assume that Rubio would be Ailene’s new Peja.)

More to come on these topics to be sure, but right now, I need a break. Not doing nothing is exhausting.


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