Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 20, 2009

Quick thoughts related to Kings coverage

Recently, I had a very brief email exchange with Zach Harper, and he told me something interesting. Rather than detailing all of what the email said (which would be extremely dis-respectful to Zach, and that’s not my intention here), I would like to re-iterate a point that needs to be said at some point. It’s even more so because the point that he made privately is one that is rather obvious if you read various coverage around the blogosphere.

When it comes to the Kings blogosphere, it’s generally perceived as Tom Ziller and noone else.

Forget this blog, and forget Harper’s blog for a moment. You know who that is most dis-respectful to? Sactown Royalty readers and commenters who are actively engaged in making that a strong vibrant community. As one of those people who have participated in such action, I find that sentiment annoying. (And, again, dis-respectful.)

I don’t mind that TZ is the big baddie on the block. Due to simple endurance, and long term commitment, he has earned, and should be, the #1 kid on this block.

But, you’re not at the top if you’re the only one there. In a year, even if I keep EC Inc active, and even if Zach continues to make headway into that perception (as I suspect he will) with CK, TZ will still be considered #1. I didn’t start EC Inc to challenge TZ or StR, and neither did Zach Harper. (He mentioned this on StR.) Why? It’s a losing battle. Forget the stupidity, acrimony, or the disingunity of that approach to boot. It’s just a losing battle. (And, it’s one that would take years for Harper to overcome. I would never be able to.)

I just would like to say that TZ, as important as he is, has not done it all with a solo effort. Many readers have spent countless hours (like me) reading and commenting. Without that, TZ is still a great writer. But, the undue influence he has is nothing without the readers or commenters.

You can thank for having a great SBN format for that part.

Hopefully, and I’m hoping this changes, that perception will slowly fade as more people will realize why certain things are not what they appear.


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