Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 21, 2009

Rubio’s buyout is almost resolved?

According to Yeomen Sam (better known by his Christian name as Sam Amick), the Rubio camp is very nearly coming to a resolution of a buyout with his team in Spain, DKV Joventut, or the Spanish government, on reducing his buyout.

That means Rubio has lost a bit of leverage with Memphis in saying he won’t play there.

Which also means that he will probably agree to play there. Which may also mean that maybe Memphis might recognize there are other players who could help them more than Ricky Rubio.

But, that isn’t the important part of the story. I think it’s also a slight admission the Kings would LOVE having Rubio on their team. (Which makes the posturing for Hasheem Thabeet all that more laughable too.) Why? This part via Yeomen Sam:

Assuming the details of the arrangement are finalized soon as expected, Rubio would plan on joining his team at NBA Summer League in July just like the rest of the draft field. Yet while Rubio’s Kings visit in Sacramento last week was the first with any NBA team in America as they continue to look at options for the fourth pick, they are no longer alone in that regard.

Quite honestly because of the difficult that has ensued about Rubio going to different teams, the real question was how he would be able to integrate himself with the other young players on the Kings. Since part of a job of a PG is creating chemistry and calling out plays, getting used to Rubio doing so is an important part of the schematic here.

Summer League is just another component of that. The more experience the Kings have, and the more experience Rubio has here, is important. It’s not that it will help him prepare for the NBA any more than it would any young kid going through summer league for the first time. There isn’t any preparation for it. You have to either be able to survive, or work, your way through it.

It’s a bit like life that way I would gather. (Of course, my manhood was tested a bit different. But, umm, yeah.)

I know this won’t be popular to say now, but given how much steam Rubio has generated amongst Kings psychotic faithful, it’s pretty easy to believe they expect a high return. Remember, though, that something was said yesterday that rose all 3 of my eyebrows when reading:

A source with knowledge of the situation said Rubio was visited in Los Angeles today by the Oklahoma City Thunder, who have the No. 3 pick in the June 25 draft. This matters mostly because Rubio’s visit in Sacramento this week came with unspoken terms, an understanding of sorts that a Rubio promise on the Kings’ part could have stopped his American tour with just one concert. But that clearly never happened, and certainly not only because Rubio was unable to get on the floor Thursday when he fell ill.

One of the best things I think this process has shown is that this whole deal is pretty much just that: a process.

If I were the Kings, and I know this should/does concern them regarding the unavailability of Fegan’s last really big name draft day client, Yi Jianlian, I would have been concerned solely because of Rubio’s availability to the Kings at summer league. They need him there to fully realize and development their investment in him. If he isn’t there, they lose a valuable teaching tool.

All this process has really taught me that Dan Fegan is mostly mouth, and not much else. Which, given how much I could care less about agent’s, is probably a good thing. So much for the power broker’s of yesteryear, eh?


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