Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 21, 2009

Westphal hires assistants

Ailene Voisin just posted this on the SacBee blog that the Kings have hired assistants: Jim Eyen, Mario Elie and Truck Robinson.

My initial thoughts. What about Bryan Gates? If not him, then why? Eyen makes sense as he’s been around the NBA with Mike Dunleavy Sr (stop snickering), and was let go by the Clippers after budget cuts. Elie has been rumored to the staff for quite some time, and only Truck Robinson is the real surprise here.

Wow. I might be the only one, but I wonder what this means for Shareef Abdur Rahim and what not. Maybe Robinson and Elie will solely focus on the defensive end (or mostly) while Westphal and Rahim concentrate on the offensive end.

I still hope Bryan Gates is in the mix, but that’s probably naivete on my part. Glad to see Westphal has hired the assistants, and they can focus on drafting players, and then working them in with the current young talent that is here.

I might be wrong, but these types of guys suggest that Westphal is serious about creating the right defensive/offensive mix in his coaching staff to balance what he will have to do with the talent that is currently, and potentially, coming into the mix on his team. Having Elie, Robinson, not to mention Westphal who is easily the best player among the 3, on the bench as former players doesn’t hurt either.

All in all, I feel pretty happy about the developments of the Kings in terms of coaching staff and what not. This is far more soothing than the decision to hire Theus, and his subsequent decisions to hire staff that didn’t have much experience.

More on what this could mean later. My head is swimming with possibilities right now. (Or, maybe a need for a beer.)



  1. I love Westphal’s hiring, and I believe he would be a great Kings’ coach and is putting on a good staff.

    Sincerely, I was quite sure that Reef’s contract was over with most of last season’s assistant in May, but, given he’s still working with our bigs, I must be wrong

    • Technically his contract isn’t over until 2010. He’s technically being paid through insurance as well so it’s like getting an assistant coach for free, and he gets on the job training. It’s pretty cool in many ways.

  2. ok, I was wrong^^
    Yeah, it’s good to have him working with the big guys. I think he could still help them very much on the offensive end, while Robinson could improve their game a lot in rebounding and defense

    • You can hit reply. Everyone has that option. Just so you know for the future. (I realize it’s totally different from StR.)

      I don’t know what Robinson will be able to do, but I find his hire curious. He was traded a ton of times, and in part, because he had a massive ego that was difficult to satisfy.

  3. […] does. Westphal isn’t adverse to young players, but is adverse to new coaches (on the whole). His coaching staff (Jim Eyen, Mario Elie, Truck Robinson, Brian Gates) is one that gives me great reason to believe […]

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