Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 22, 2009

Propaganda makes the Tyreke world turn

Chad Ford reports that the Kings were very impressed by the workout yesterday with Evans, Flynn, Calathes and Mills among others.

He does report that that the big loser here is Ricky Rubio because now the Kings are convinced that Tyreke Evans is the guy.

Do I think some of this is bullshit?

Ask yourself how many times I’ve hyped up Evans lately despite the numerous, and easy, opportunities to do so.

Via Ford:

If Rubio slides past Sacramento at No. 4, he could be heading to either Washington at 5, Minnesota at 6 or New York at 8. The Wizards haven’t seen him yet, and neither have the Wolves. But if the Knicks want to see him, I think Rubio will find a way to accommodate them.

But, right before that Ford said this:

While Rubio isn’t the best fit in OKC, he looks like he might be the best player on the board. So what will Presti do? While Harden might be the logical choice in terms of fit, my gut feeling is Rubio goes No. 3.

The gut don’t lie, right, Mr. Ford? Tee-Hee?

You know one thing I learned? One reason fans are so undecisive about this draft is because TEAMS haven’t made up their mind yet. If teams haven’t made up their mind, and that still includes the Kings last time I checked, why is it the Kings would say anything but good things about Evans.

It amazes me that not a single thing about Ford’s “insider” secrets even matter at this point.

What does amaze me is that Evans is “really” the guy. I don’t believe it, and haven’t believed it for the last month. I’ve soured on Evans for a ton of reasons, far more than Brandon Jennings but I know he won’t be picked at 4, so I’m not going to waste my time covering him anymore, and the biggest is that I don’t really see how he fits with the Kings in an uptempo game.

But, hey, what do I know? I’m just some fat dumb white dude living a 1000 miles north of the EC. I predict, though, that the Kings will take Rubio if he drops (for all the obvious reasons and then some) or Flynn if Rubio is not.

All I think the Evans talk DOES prove is that the Kings are not willing to trade up for a player like Rubio in case OKC tries to make a last minute leverage play. (Which, is possible.)

UPDATE: Just read this, as I think it’s a penultimately accurate read of the situation.

UPDATE 2: Ricky Rubio is in town for a workout as well. I hope he doesn’t go to Tapas the World again. (I’ve never eaten there. It was, though, a very popular place when I drove a cab there. I even got lost looking it for once. True story.)



  1. I’m actually quite high on Evans, because I feel like no pg in the league can simply defend against him.

    Anyway, I’m fine exactly at the same manner if we draft Rubio, Evans, Flynn or Curry. I just want this nattin’ draft to happen and to exit from that room with one of the four guys, don’t care who!

    • Yeah the Battle Royale is over. It’s time to make a decision. Thursday can’t come soon enough Panzer!

    • I agree panzer. I’d still prefer Rubio (for business reasons as well as basketball reasons), but I’d be stoked on Evans.

      • I’m clearly going to have to slander Evans here in the next day or so. I don’t get the Evans love (although I understand it).

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