Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 25, 2009

Kings take Casspi at 23; Brockman at 38th

The kings are taking Brockman at 38th overall because they traded the rights to the 31st pick (Jeff Pendergraph) to the Portland Trail Blazers for Sergio Rodriguez and the rights to Brockman at 38.

Casspi has talent. While I have no doubt that there will be some that will get behind these selections, I won’t.

I think the draft stunk. Talk about a terrible buildup. I fucked myself. I agree with that. But, at the same time, right now, only one thought is running through my mind: Fuck Geoff Petrie and his thinking.


(Yeah, maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up sober. But, umm, I didn’t understand why the Kings took Patrick Ewing Jr in the 2nd round, and with Brockman, I don’t understand this pick. Argh.)

Oh, and, ummm, FUCK GEOFF PETRIE!


  1. Honestly, I expect more from you than this

    • I understand. But, I can’t get over it. Just can’t.

  2. […] reasons were simple: What I thought the facts were on draft day was very different from the facts presented afterwards. It was clear […]

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