Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 25, 2009

Kings take Tyreke Evans at 4th overall

Yes, I know. I’m right. You’re wrong. You think by now people would be used to this. (Like, all the regulars of Sactown Royalty.)

Okay, that’s being self indulgent.

Back on May 19th, one Ghostface Zillah had a sad face. I told people it was okay.

And, on June 25th, it is.

Except, it’s not.

Tyreke Evans is not OKAY. This does not make sense. You take a SG in a PG heavy draft? Uh, yeah, no.

What does Evans do? He’s big? Yes, I know. Was Evans that impressive? I mean, you’re running out a team that was born to run pick & rolls and the open court, and you take Tyreke Evans?

This makes little sense.

Unless the Kings may not know something I don’t.

But, I don’t subscribe to the BPA argument with this draft. There is too many things wrong with everyone.

I do think it’s telling that Rubio is on the Wolves and not the Kings. Especially when the Wolves didn’t trade to get up to Rubio.

Which only makes me wonder what was wrong with Jonny Flynn.

I ask again? What makes Tyreke Evans so great? Geoff Petrie thinks so?

Dude needs to retire if he’s going to make bullshit picks like this.



  1. bleh.

    PG I just cannot get behind the Evans pick either… i wish I could like the kid but I cannot.

    • It’s a good thing training camp isn’t until October. I was expecting to lose out on Rubio today. I could live with that. But, not taking Rubio OR Flynn at 4?

      Can’t live with that. I can’t get behind this. Thanks for commenting sellout.

  2. Pookey, you said:

    “I ask again? What makes Tyreke Evans so great? Geoff Petrie thinks so?”

    I think there has been plenty of discussion addressing those specific questions over the last month or so. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure we could have analyzed Rubio/Flynn/Evans/Jennings any more without throwing up.

    And yes, I trust Petrie’s judgment here. He (and his staff) did their due diligence, and they felt Evans was the best of the bunch.

    Going into the draft, I was wishing for Rubio first, Evans second, and either Flynn or Curry third. However, when OKC passed on Rubio, I actually felt a moment of dread that we were going to take him. At that moment, I knew that I liked the IDEA of Rubio more than the actual player himself.

    So I’m cool with Tyreke Evans, as I was cool with Spencer and Jason. Only time will tell, of course, but I don’t see how you can dismiss Petrie as senile when he’s proven over time he is as good at drafting talent as any GM in the league…and maybe in the history of the league.

    • Oh yeah. That was just anger. I’m not angry now. Just frustrated still.

      • Hope time will heal your frustration with tons of layups by Evans!

        I am sincerely happy with all the picks, and, if Bestphal and GP, after seeing him twice, have decided that Evans is the best to fit their system, hell, I’m with them.
        Rubio managed very bad his appeal, deciding to work for the Kings just a few days before the Draft and, I think, without being that impressive.
        I was very high on RR, but I was high almost the same with Tyrrific, so I can’t wait to see if I was right

        • You clearly like the nicknames dontcha? LOL

          Yeah I hope this is wrong. I got a piece that will alleviate some of this and parlay it into what I really feel.

          We will see.

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