Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 26, 2009

What kind of trades are available?

The title says it all. What kind of trades WOULD BE available for the Kings to make? First, I think we know players are off limits in any trade.

Kevin Martin, Spencer Hawes, Jason Thompson, Tyreke Evans, Omri Casspi, Jon Brockman, Francisco Garcia (mostly cuz he’s BYC and nearly impossible to trade), and Donte Greene.

I think it’s obvious why those 8 won’t be traded under any circumstance right now.

Depending on the circumstances, I could see the Kings give up Kenny Thomas or Sergio Rodriguez. But I think it would take something that truly blows the Maloof’s, Petrie, and Jason Levien away to do something that includes either guy. When you take both guys off the cap next year, you’re talking about 10 million in straight cap relief. (I know, it’s about time with regards to K9, right? Woof!)

That leaves Beno Udrih and Andres Nocioni.

So who would take them as a tandem? Try the Los Angeles Clippers for instance. Zach Randolph is as terrible a player to trade as Beno Udrih potentially. Udrih could be the kind of player the Clippers really believe can salvage his career given how he plays and the players available. Noc is definitely a player that could add to the Clippers depth at the 3/4 positions.

Of course, this also means that the Kings would be giving away 47 million dollars between Udrih and Nocioni (what’s likely to be paid out).

Would the Clippers do it? Perhaps they might. Randolph is expensive, and they could save money by trading him and Mike Taylor (then again they might squawk at doing this deal when including Taylor) for Udrih and Nocioni straight up.

The financials is that the Kings would be sending out 13,532,800, and the Clippers would be sending back 16,736,420 in salary. The beautiful part is that because teams would likely be over the cap (or the Kings would likely be “considered” over the cap) that the 125% + 100K rule applies. So, the Kings will be able to make this an easy deal for both sides.

It would save them money this season, and next season. They would simply be committing more money long term to Nocioni and Udrih while spending less money filling 2 roster spots the next 2 seasons. It’s also likely a move that could make them a minor player in Free Agency if they so choose.

There are benefits and drawback’s to each side. The benefits for Sacramento is they get a young developing PG who can likely be a quality backup in this league for cheap. The benefits for the Clippers is that they don’t have to think about keeping Randolph at all under any circumstance. Really, I don’t think another team will likely trade for Randolph (especially now), and the likelihood of being able to move him is very low.

Of course, the Clippers can also negotiate a buyout with him and not trade him at all. They can also keep him, but I doubt it.

At the very least, the Kings can force the Clippers to take Udrih and Nocioni for doing a deal. Why? Saving money is something this team definitely has to think about. It also changes the Miller/Salmons deal immensely as now you’ve moved Salmons, Miller, Udrih and Nocioni. Rather than saving a few million if Salmons doesn’t opt out in 2010 by doing the deal that included Nocioni, now you’re looking at roughly 15 million in saved salary. The Kings could also increase the savings by forcing Randolph to take a less than favorable buyout.

Would the Clippers do it?

Maybe. It depends on how much they want Udrih and Nocioni. It depends on Donald Sterling. If he’s willing to spend money, and help Dunleavy save some money under the luxury tax this season, there’s also the fact that the Clippers would be getting 2 contracts for far less value in 2010, when they could be a major player in Free Agency.

That’s something that few teams would likely be able, or willing, to do. As much as teams want to save money, they wouldn’t be saving any money for 2010. The Kings don’t have to be major players in 2010. They can be major players in 2011 especially if they get a high draft pick in 2010.

Is this well wishing on my part? Probably. But, at the same time, maybe the Clippers decide to do it if they believe that saving money and improving their basketball team (for this season and next) could help them long term.

What say you?



  1. Randolph? Really? I think these two could be shipped for Dalembert. I also believe the Kings could deal Beno and K-9 for Chandler which would be costly but improve the team greatly. I’m holding out hope of a Hedo re-union- Nocioni and future considerations in a sign and trade but I doubt that the Magic or Hedo will go for it. Hedo is the right player to pair with Evans and Martin.

    • No to Hedo. Hell no. And Dalembert? I don’t see why Philly would do that deal unless they’re desperately looking for a backup PG who may or may not want to play another game in his career.

      Fuck, I hope MDsr doesn’t read this blog. Ever.

  2. I dont see why Barakman or Greene are untradable. For the first time, I’ve began playing with the idea of trading Martin. I’d obviously rather not, but the following is what I’ve come up with, given desire to save salary and “improve” the team (if such a thing is possible by trading Martin).

    NOTE: I started leaving all of my trade ideas on this post, but am gonna cut and paste it onto StR…it’s just too long, and maybe others will want to rip on my ideas!

    • It’s all good. Whatever suites you phuture. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Philly hates Dalembert and would give him away for a smile. I’m going to keep saying his name until you buy in- Hedo, Hedo, Hedo, Hedo, Hedo, Hedo, Hedo, Hedo, Hedo, Hedo. The Kings lack a floor general and a clutch shooter- Hedo fits both of those needs and he’s good people.

    • When this team is closer to actually winning something, then I’ll buy in to what they need. When you’re coming off a 17 win season with new players who rarely win in this league, and especially when coupled together, one veteran more or less doesn’t make all the sense in the world.

      Want Hedo all you want anyway. If you were Hedo, and could come here, would you come back to Sac, or to Portland? I’d want my shot at a ring. Sac is definitely not that place in the next 3 years at a BARE minimum.

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