Posted by: Kingsguru21 | July 1, 2009

Just say NO to Booz! (And Turkey Glue since I’m on that tip)

Awhile ago, I wrote that it was a mistake for the Kings to NOT trade Artest, and one reason was that I felt it kept the Kings from completely committing to a rebuild. Then, later in the summer of ’08, they actually did. The return? Higher than the rumored deal Denver wouldn’t do. So, in a sense, there is always a feeling that Petrie’s patience turned something in. Me? I think Houston was anxious to make a move knowing that T-Mac and Yao had limited time.

Now, fast forward almost a year later, Ghostface, and his amigo’s, are at again. This isn’t new. Section 214 has already mentioned this on New Years Eve.

Here’s my problem with it. Why? For what purpose? Asset’s? Heh, nice one. Asset’s don’t mean shit if teams don’t want the player at the price you value him. You don’t think Utah wouldn’t have traded him for cap relief at the deadline? Maybe, or maybe not. I doubt it mattered. He was hurt, and teams wouldn’t have likely made a deal for him under those circumstances.

Here’s the point. If there’s an All-Star, PF of all things, and you’re the Kings needing better players, it makes sense to pursue him. Right? No, wrong. It’s terribly wrong. Dumb-dumb wrong even. You don’t trade for an All-Star when he becomes available just because.

There is far more at stake than the year that Boozer is locked up at about 12.3 million. Ask yourself this: Why would Utah be so willing to give him up if he was so valuable? Why would they be willing to re-sign Paul Millsap despite the fact that he isn’t an All-Star?

But, beyond even that, that isn’t all that’s to this. The only real way, other than being a big market like LA, NY or Chicago, to acquire a superstar is to draft him. In fact, that’s usually the only real way barring an unusual circumstance (which happened a lot during the 70’s and 80’s) that’s been the only real way to acquire a superstar in NBA history. Either that, or players were traded for Hall of Famers on draft (like Bill Russell for Ed Macauley).

Is Boozer a superstar? No? Is his attitude worthwhile for a locker room that’s young, and many of whom are playing for that next contract, and worse, aren’t exactly mental dynamo’s in every respect themselves? This is wise to bring in a player who is so mercernary that even Section 214 admits that?

Assets are nice. But, having dynamite that can blow up at any time isn’t all that useful if you don’t know when. Trading for Carlos Boozer is like trading for that dynamite. Just say no to Booz!


Ignoring the insanity, or the thought, of trading for Boozer (and I might will go insane if the Kings in fact do), I’ll turn this into why I don’t want Hedo Turkoglu.

It’s simple. He isn’t bad for team chemistry, and he would likely raise the gross outlook of half the pizzeria’s in the greater metropolitan Sacramento area. But, beyond that, I don’t really see why the Kings NEED to sign Turkoglu. They already the following players at the 3: Andres Nocioni, Francisco Garcia, Donte Greene, and Omri Casspi. And you want to add Turkoglu to this glut further diminishing those 4’s value? Or playing one of them (with the exception of Garcia who is clearly better at the 2) out of position and hoping teams don’t notice? Good luck with that.


Right now the Kings need to be patient, and ignore Free Agency and major player trades. Is that hard for fans to get behind with the glaring need for a new arena? (Or, even without it.) Of course it is.

Except. Except what?

This team needs a superstar. It doesn’t need immediate gratification of a Free Agent signing/trade for Turkoglu/Boozer in a context where the team isn’t in a position to take advantage of either’s talent to the fullest.

Boozer’s mental talents (or the fact that he is a qualified mental midget) are clearly not up to snuff. Turkoglu is the wrong name at the wrong time. (He fits, and would fit, much better with Portland.)

Every fan wants to be at the heart of every transaction and puff out their chest to say, “Hey look at my team and what they just did”.

Guess what? If the Kings lost out on a franchise player because they acquired either player and won too many games to give themselves a real shot at one (we all know how losing games guarantees you the top pick) through the draft, it would be an egregious mistake this franchise could never live down. Winning 36 games next year seems nice after the atrocity that was this past season. But, long term, the idea behind drafting high several years in a row is that you’ll get an impact player.

And who knows? The Kings might even be able to get 2 impact players if Evans does pan out. Is that a gamble? You bet your ass it is. It’s also reasonable within the context of where this franchise is currently at. If the Kings happen to trade Noc & Beno together for a Zach Randolph type, I can get behind that. Saving money is worthwhile, and given how much this team bleed money (apparently), plus it seems reasonable. Even if fans hate it in the interim (and they will), it’s smart long term strategy. Money you don’t have to spend is money you don’t have to earn back later on.

The Boozer strategy is the same level of mistake that led to the signings of Abdur-Rahim, Salmons and Moore, and the trades for players like Artest. You have to bottom out in this league to have a chance. The Kings have bottomed out. Just stay the course, and eventually the tides will bail you out because everything in this league is cyclical (I can’t believe I quoted Stern). It takes patience, and internal fortitude, but I figure if Kings fans can stomach a 17 win season, I figure they could stomach a 25 win team with young players who are still finding their way in this league.

Just say NO to Booz!


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