Posted by: Kingsguru21 | July 1, 2009

Summer League roster announced

First, some news. I’ve recently gone back to class (and full time) so much of my day (more than it would be in a normal qtr) is spent getting to, being in, and coming back from class. To the tune of about 8 hours every day. So, in that sense, I won’t be updating as often as I had been. That being said, there is other news going on out there.

The Summer League roster was announced. The biggest names? The one’s you’d expect. Hawes, Thompson, Greene, Casspi, Brockman and Evans.

That’s a potential 4/5 of the starting lineup in 2 years. (Shawes, JT, Donte, and ‘Reke. Speed being the other 1/5.) Watching Summer League to see how these fellows interact, and, more importantly, the type of progress they’ve made so far in the summer is the things to follow here.

For Spencer: I would like to see him make more assertive moves. To many times last summer, and this carried over into the season, where he would make a pump fake off a spin move, or simply not make a move quickly. The more assertive, and I suppose by association aggressive, he was, the easier it was for him to score. He needs to learn exactly where he wants to score the ball from, and what he wants to do with it. With Speed, with JT, with Donte, with ‘Reke among others, he’s going to need make moves with far more purpose than he has in the past.

For JT: I want to see some type of development in his low post game, his ability to block and alter shots in the lane, and play the low block with better purpose. I won’t expect all of these things to come magically together in a few months of the off-season, but progress is all the word I want to see. That’s all anybody can realistically ask.

For Donte: I want to see him be aggressive. Like Spencer, who has many tools at his disposal, I want to see Donte react better than he did last season. Simply taking the kind of shot that is best when he has it I think will earn him 15-20 mins on the floor this year. Or, quite honestly, it should.

For Casspi: I’m not sure what to expect. Playing hard and bringing his natural attributes I suppose. Beyond that, it’s hard to get a pure feel for what position, and what matchup’s he will do well in, that he will excel in.

For Brockman: I think he needs to show some touch on an outside 17 footer. Beyond that, he also needs to finish consistently inside with opportunities. Everything else I think he will be okay with.

For Evans: Hmm, I’m not really sure how to approach this. I would like to see his decision making improve from his days at Memphis, but for rookie G’s, let alone PG’s, it’s always a tough curve. Hell, any rookie is in that boat. Good decision making in the open court would be a strong start (and eliminate many concerns), along with sharing the ball without any real concern of getting it back. You have 4 teammates on the court with you, and help making them better should be part of his goal (as well as his teammates).

Overall, I’m not really sure what else to say. Maybe the most interesting note is that Carril and Westphal are coaching it, and the assistants will be there as well.

The schedule has also been released. Thankfully the schedule is not such where I won’t miss because of my schedule. (Thankfully, indeed. Maybe the best break of the summer.)

Either way, and we’ll see what happens from here with potential free agency, but this summer could be that summer. You know THAT summer! Then again, I’m probably an idiot and don’t know anything. I don’t like Carlos Boozer remember?

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