Posted by: Kingsguru21 | July 2, 2009

Proposing more ridiculous idea’s

Well, here is summer. It’s officially on us, and the feeding frenzy is upon us. We have so much to rue, and so little time to rue it.

First, what to do with what Beno Udrih and Andres Nocioni. What, indeed?

I think the Kings have 2 very different, but unusual situations. The Kings want to no doubt deal Beno Udrih as possible for the best deal they can get.

Andres Nocioni is a guy they can dump for less salary, but does he have any value out there? He might. Beno? He might.

First, Nocioni. I’ve thought (dating back to the Randolph trade proposal a few days ago) that since the re-makeup of the Clippers roster they’re going to need a guy who can do some of the things that Noc does. He’s a bit overpaid yes, but those guys that are out there the Clippers need will be readily available. That newly minted trade exception (that was created by trading Zach Randolph for Quentin Richardson) is the biggest asset the Clippers have. (It really makes little sense to worry about whether the Kings take Richardson back. The Clippers would be better off keeping Richardson as a role player, but if the Clippers insisted on it, I would totally be down, if I were the Kings, to take Richardson back.)

Will it hurt them for 2010? Yeah, but if they don’t win a lot of games, they’re not likely to net a major Free Agent target anyway. Which is something fans don’t really realize. Players, like fans, care about which teams are winning, and which teams have winning traditions. If the Clippers don’t have the former, they’re not likely to convince anybody better than Cuttino Mobley, let alone Baron Davis, to sign with them.

It’s just that simple. (How’s that for Clipper bashing?)

Clips Nation has an excellent recap of the whole Z-Bo trade proceedings if you wish to read on there.

But, I stand by what I said.

Will the Clippers do this? Again, Donald T Sterling is the wildcard, and, he’s the epitome of the cheap Jewish joke. (Namely because A) he’s cheap and B) he’s Jewish.)

But, here’s something to keep in mind. The Clippers did take on Zach Randolph in the first place, and Andres Nocioni is a far better fit than Randolph ever promised to be. (Also Nocioni is much cheaper, and his price is only compounded by the years on his contract.)

So, what?

The Clippers will likely have something in the neighborhood of 43-44 million in committed salaries after the season of bidding starts. Nocioni has, say, a good season for the Clippers. They’re in a bigger position to attract a Free Agent.

They have Stars. What they need is guys who can complement those stars, and Nocioni is one such player. Teams don’t give away players, and this is only increasingly true when you’re talking about teams in the same division. Yet, I know the Kings would give Nocioni away tomorrow for the Clippers trade exception.

The Clippers SHOULD consider it. Of course Clippers fans like Steve Perrin (he writes Clips Nation) will tell you that Josh Childress is a far better option for the Clippers. Better option, yes. Available? Meh, we’ll see. But, Childress isn’t exactly perfect himself either.

So, again, we’ll see. I’m not holding my breath, but all this wheeling & dealing of Nocioni would create a huge net of savings for the Kings that totally changes the Salmons/Miller trade. That is a big deal.

Moving on.

Beno Udrih is a player i think the Kings will deal if they can find a suitor. Thankfully, there is a team out there that may be willing to take on Beno’s long term salary as long as they give up something that can help them.

What about Philadelphia? What about Kenny Thomas? Unfortunately the return is Sammy Dalembert and Willie Green. (The money is about 2 million in the life of the deal’s for the Kings.)

You’re telling me Philly wouldn’t consider Beno Udrih and Kenny Thomas for Sammy Dalembert and Willie Green?

I will understand the skepticism. Beno can’t handle a market like Philly that will constantly boo him. Well, maybe or maybe not. We don’t know that. I think Beno’s biggest problem is that the team he was playing with kept changing it’s mind or asking him to do things he’s probably not all that well suited to do.

Eddie Jordan, I think, is a better coach than Reggie Theus or Kenny Natt. Right? So, who cares? If Eddie feels like he could deal with a Beno/Lou Williams/Jrue Holiday backcourt, that could net dividends for the Sixers while letting Andre Miller walk.

You’re telling me that the Sixers WON’T consider that? Their fans will squawk. That’s what fans do. They moan, they piss, they cry, and than they either like a player or not.

It’s true Zach Randolph just got traded. It’s also true he’s a short term contract like Dalembert. What Dalembert does, though, is not necessarily something a lot of teams want. The Grizzlies wanted Randolph enough to take him for Quentin Richardson.

Name me a team that would bother to do so with Dalembert? You can’t. At least with Zach Randolph it was possible. With Dalembert it’s not likely.

I do think that a trade with the Sixers is likely if only because Eddie Jordan and Geoff Petrie know each other. That helps in making these deals. Both sides will have their eye on their own sides, but at the same time, they have other considerations.

The Sixers don’t want to make a long term consideration in the Free Agent market. Beno Udrih is a MLE player yes, but the Sixers also have Jrue Holiday their in the long term. And, Beno Udrih makes considerably less money than Sammy Dalembert does.

The best part is that this could help the Sixers be Free Agency players (not like the Clippers who will definitely have room) by having more flexibility after Kenny Thomas’ contract comes off their cap.

I also think it means they can play Jrue Holiday and Beno, or Beno and Lou Williams together, along with Holiday and Williams as well. Flexibility to play players together is important. You can do that in this case (although Beno and Lou Williams may not be the ideal defensive backcourt as Philly fans will point out), and that’s something.

Philly isn’t a championship contender. This isn’t the type of move that suggests they will become one. What it does is reshuffle the Sixers deck and allows them to address their future while thinking of the present in the meantime.

Will the Sixers do this? I don’t know. It’s why I called this ridiculous.



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