Posted by: Kingsguru21 | July 9, 2009

Spencer Hawes isn’t showing up to Summer League

Oh crap. If I may, Spencer is a flat out moron. Sam Amick has the story. Paul Westphal was said to be disappointed, and Geoff Petrie had this to say:

“He obviously was invited to participate and at this point has chosen not to, and we’ll go from there,” Petrie said. “It’s the middle of the summer, and the invitation was there. The knowledge about it was there. If he doesn’t want to play, he doesn’t want to play.”

Tom Ziller already hit most of the chords on this, and I’m not sure I can really add anything of serious substance to that.

Spencer Hawes SHOULD be in Vegas right now. It’s easy to question his commitment as a LEADER, and his PASSION for the game.

Listen to Jason Thompson for a moment talk about leadership.

Of course, part of this could be that Spencer Hawes is a 21 year old and thinks he knows more than older/wiser men. His teammates won’t say anything directly to him, but if he isn’t committed to coming to Summer League when it’s essentially voluntary (and it is for Spencer Hawes), than why does it matter? Because this gives the team another reason to look for a Center in the next few years if Spencer Hawes commitment and focus isn’t there.

The NBA doesn’t allow for 4th year players to go to Summer League, and, frankly, that isn’t the point. It is an arrogant snotty ploy by Spencer to not tell the team he was coming. More importantly if he did tell the team beforehand, and than they announced his name on the roster, that would be one thing. However, this franchise has been very good about that in the past.

We remember the last time this happened. All Spencer Hawes has proven he is a primma donna. If I were the Kings, and I had to light a fire under his belly, I simply wouldn’t offer him an extension next summer. He’s shown to be whiny at times, and not nearly as consistent as his talent has shown.

If I were the team, and his agent were to approach me next summer, I’m more than enough of a prick to reply: “Well showing up to Summer League is optional, but he didn’t exercise good judgment. It would be showing poor judgment to show that kind of faith in a player who hasn’t shown the necessary level of commitment to our team when it was really necessary to show it.”

Spencer Hawes had better show why selecting him, and living with his prima donna act will be worth it. Otherwise, he’s a wasted pick who never lived up to his potential because he didn’t have to. If Spencer Hawes had any kind of love for the game that was easy to measure, showing up to Summer League would have been a simple, easy, short, painless way to do that.

Spencer Hawes didn’t show up to Summer League. I’ve always wanted to give Spencer the benefit of the doubt, and this is strike two.

This is probably my liberal side showing, but I hope Strike Two is frozen in time and we can leave this behind. But, something tells me this will always be a problem with young Spence. Ugh.

UPDATE: Apparently there is other issue’s and there is difference’s in communication. But, still, even with Amick reporting this on the Bee Blog, it is still very frustrating nonetheless.

The damage is done, but sometimes maturity takes time to take effect. As I said in this final paragraph, I’m still hoping that this can happen with young Spence. But, nothing tells me that it’s more likely to happen now. I repeat: Ugh



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