Posted by: Kingsguru21 | July 11, 2009

Kings lose 2nd Summer League game; Paul Westphal mentions Tyreke Evans and Michael Ray Richardson in the same sentence

Okay the 1st part of the title is not important. It’s the 2nd part that bugs me.

Michael Ray Richardson is an interesting cat. In Magic Johnson & Larry Bird’s rookie season, Richardson led the NBA in Steal’s and Assists.

Yeah, that’s only part of the story. He made headlines most recently for making anti-semitic comments in 2007. Before that? He played in Europe till he was 45 years old. (Yeah, 45.)

Oh, and he was banned in 1986 after being synonmous in the NBA for cocaine use. By that time he had been a 3 time All-Star.

I know what Paul Westphal meant. Richardson, as a basketball player, and without his demons, had Magic Johnson/Michael Jordan level of talent. Isiah Thomas hated him. He was simply tough, and, when on his game, a nightmare.

If he had lasted in the NBA, he would also be remembered as being the first major baller outta Denver. But, he had a problem.

Sugar liked cocaine. For a very long time. He eventually resurfaced in Europe playing, as I mentioned. for a very long time. He had his issue in Albany, and went onto coaching another team in the CBA.

Still, I find this unnerving. (Ya think?) Richardson was part of a different time and place. And, he had moments.

But, Tyreke Evans is not Michael Ray Richardson. Michael Ray Richardson is not Tyreke Evans. Even though I understand what Paul Westphal was trying to do, and it was effective image wise, I think comparing Evans to a player like Sugar is unwise.

Then again, I’m probably crazy anyway. Go back to your regularly schedule pointless programming now.


  1. […] talking about Tyreke Evans Title says it all. But, the dastardly Michael Ray Richardson has come up again. (I’ll be pissed if I ever hear a single possible whisper of this kid snorting lines. Pissed […]

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