Posted by: Kingsguru21 | August 6, 2009

Is the tide shifting against Napear and his merry band of bullshit?

Recently, the Rise Guys got Mark Kreidler, well until he left the Bee, who was the best sports columnist the Bee had. Recently, KHTK hired Jim Kozimor, former game sideline reporter (which mantle has been taken over by the cosmically doomed Angela Tsai), former House Party maestro, and former prognosticator of Kings Talk Live/Showgram for KHTK.

Now, when you listen to either the Rise Guys, or Koz’s show, you definitely get a feel that you can have a conversation. They, being the Rise Guys/Koz, understand the need to hear both sides of the issue.

Which of course brings me to Grant “Peaches” Napear. If you’re a fan of talk radio, and you like KHTK, or what they have to offer, except 4-7, you can actually engage in the most simple of anti-Napear warfare there is possible: Not listen.

I know. Too simple, right?

Actually, not. As long as Paul Westphal gives the same pertinent information on the Rise Guys or for that matter, Koz’s show, you don’t have to listen to Napear’s show for information. Because, now, from 5-9, 12-4, 4-7, 7-9, and 9-12 KHTK has regular shows during the weekday’s. (Which makes it amazing that people still listen to Jim Rome, but whatever.)

Here’s the point. If you don’t like Napear, force the Kings, their employee’s, and Napear, to recognize that the other aspects of the station interest you. This is especially true if you listen for only the guest’s that are coming on. It is actually possible to turn down the radio without actually turning it off.

That’s the beauty of talk radio. You can ignore it, or you can listen to it. I don’t personally care for talk radio and don’t feel it’s worth that much noting in the future. (This is especially true on November 6th.) On the other hand, it is interesting that KHTK, which heavily programs around the Kings, is making program changes to their lineup in summer well before the season starts.

SIDE NOTE: Plus, it’s not like it isn’t August 6th or anything. When nothing, as far as I can tell, is actually going on, so I’m not harming my opinion that talk radio isn’t greatly important, butttttt, for a majority of older Kings fans (especially), 1140 is still a very important source of Kings info. There are people who this will matter more to. (Also, other than blogs, it’s one way to become interactive with others about sports.)

And, why is that?

Well, my guess would be 1 of 2 things.

The first is that KHTK is interested in showing it’s listeners before the season starts it’s alternative programming. It’s also auditioning to a degree, in a way, that’s a reasonable time grabber of your time during your work day should be listening to KHTK. Let’s see: Don & Mike, or Jim Kozimor. Hmmm, let me think about that for a minute. I always liked Koz’s show when I didn’t have a reason to listen to it, and always have felt he worked to engage his callers in a reasonable fashion. In fact, it was always a shame he only had 2 hours for his radio show. Now, he has 4. (Thankfully.)

Isn’t that the whole point of talk radio?

On the other hand, you have reason #2. It could be to show that KHTK is more interested in it’s daytime programming, and it’s morning/nighttime programming than the drive home programming that is losing traction.

This could mean that KHTK, owned by CBS radio I might add, could force Napear out because his personality is too much to overcome. You tie in his inability to criticize the Maloof’s (on anything), or the Kings in any reasonable fashion, the fact he’s the play by play man for the team, and that he’s probably the most reviled person around the team (insert reason).

I hope reason 2 happens, and I hope Napear’s gone. More importantly, I’m glad to see Koz is back on the air doing something he’s tremendous at (in my humble limited opinion).

It was about damn time. And, what’s the ironic/funniest thing about this? Kozimor was fired by Maloof Sports & Entertainment. Hehe. What doesn’t kill ya makez ya stronger right, Koz?



  1. Interesting post, pookey!I’m glad kozimor got picked up by KHTK; i would much rather listen to his show if I was inclined to listen to talk radio; which, mostly…I’m not.

    Back in 08′ i filled out a survey for Arbitron; and I listed that my radio preferences went from KHTK to NPR; and what did I see on KVIE the next season?Ads for the sacramento Kings…so somebody pays attention to the public’s opinions at the FO at least part of the time.

    It’d be nice tho’ if it was all of the time, doncha think?

    • I hear ya on Koz Rhondda. And I’m not surprised the Kings have commericals running on PBS. The Maloof’s have, if I’m not mistaken, given money to PBS in the past. Synergy is a beautiful thing.

      As far as Grant’s involvement with the Kings, it’s not his play by play that is the problem. It’s his radio show, and the way he espouses his opinion in the sloppy back handed way he chooses far too often.

  2. Agreed on Grant’s play-by-play:I think he’s rather good at that….tho’ there are phrases he overuses that become tiresome…but hey, I certainly couldn’t do any better.

    Unfortunately on the radio show he has a certain supercilious pomposity that comes out in response to callers; the more unsure of their own opinions they are…the more arrogant & pompous he becomes in response…

    Note to grant if you’re reading this:we all know you understand the sport well; a little humility would be a benefit to your image. the pomposity is a turn-off and unbecoming, really. Just cut that

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