Posted by: Kingsguru21 | August 8, 2009

Did the Kings miss out on Kurt Rambis?

In a word: No.

It’s “news” that Rambis got hired by the Wolves on August 8th. Yeah, seriously. (Nevermind that Rambis was a prick and killed any chances of his getting hired (somewhere down the line) by the Kings with what he said, or what the Lakers organization said, after the Kings “officially” passed on Rambis in early June.)

Oh, that’s right, the Kings passed. They had a monetary demand. The Maloof’s set a monetary standard. Geoff Petrie set a standard of having “some success” in the NBA prior to taking this job. Eddie Jordan and Paul Westphal fit Petrie’s standard, and Tom Thibodeau, probably fit the monetary standard. Rambis fit neither (unless you want to think finishing out the shortened season in 1999 counts for something.)

Rambis by all accounts has taken on extra duties for Phil Jackson the last few years, and wanted a head coaching gig. He just wanted more time and money than what he got from the Kings. How hard is that?

Oh, and this llittle point that Marc Stein sent along makes all the sense in the world:

Long considered a potential heir apparent to Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson, Rambis has been lured away from Jackson’s staff by a four-year deal believed to be worth in excess of $8 million.

Wait a minute. The Maloof’s had strict year and money parameters. Rambis never met either paramater at any point. Why worry? The Kings are rebuilding, and the worst that can happen is that Paul Westphal won’t work out like some of us (like me) think he will.

At the very least, he won’t be worse than Eric Musselman, Reggie Theus or Kenny Natt. There wasn’t a guarantee of that with Kurt Rambis.

If you have any trepidation about Kurt Rambis, just watch every Minnesota game. Watch every Sacramento game. You’ll have your answer by about the end of next season.

(For what it’s worth, I think the Wolves would have been better off with Elston Turner who knows a ton about the game. Am I biased? You bet. Do I care? Not a jot or a tittle.)


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