Posted by: Kingsguru21 | August 16, 2009

Rex Kalamian hired by Scotty Brooks and OKC

If you’ve read the title, than you know former assistant coach, Rex Kalamian, from the past few seasons, was hired a few days ago by Scott Brooks, the current head coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder. It’s interesting that an assistant on Musselman’s stuff (Brooks–and Jason Hamm had one for the last 2 years on the Kings coaching staff as well) has a job, but Musselman doesn’t. I think that says something, or a lot of something, about how bad a hire Musselman was. If that wasn’t obvious already, it’s just something that I hope Joe & Gavin keep in mind for the future when money doesn’t become a factor in their head coaching searches.

The point? Brooks was on the short list (along with Terry Porter, Kurt Rambis, and Brian Shaw) of Geoff Petrie’s desired candidates once the Kings got rebuffed by Stan Van Gundy. Now, that’s a pretty mixed bag right there, and it’s still probably better than what the Kings got with Reggie Theus. That’s pretty telling if you ask me.

For posterity, however, former Trail Blazers and 76ers Head Coach Maurice Cheeks, was also hired on Scott Brooks staff. What does this tell me? That every quality head coach in this league is not afraid of the people he hires on his staff. (This was Reggie Theus’ downfall. I’ll always be convinced he has coaching chops.) Yet again, some things about the NBA may change, and some things doesn’t.

Congratulations to Cheeks and Kalamian on their hire. Both are high quality basketball men who don’t get DUI’s, and in Cheek’s case, keep little girls out of the cold. (I still have a world of respect for Mo, but I don’t think anyone can top that.)


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