Posted by: Kingsguru21 | August 29, 2009

Random thoughts

Reading this piece by Tim Potvak made me laugh a bit. Fans DID question Martin’s toughness at times (why I don’t know), and, what made it more amusing, not to mention interesting, is that he stuck around until the end of the season. When the pain no longer could come to bear. Hmmm. Speed Racer even had this to say:

“I’m not going to be critical. I’m a professional,” he said. “I love being in Sacramento, taking this ride. Nothing is going to come in the way of getting better. Sure, you want to speed up the process. You don’t want to be scoring for no reason.”

Not being critical? That’s funny. Moving on.


Apparently Stephen Jackson wants to be traded. I wonder if the Warriors would consider trading Jackson for Rasual Butler and Ricky Davis. Yes, I know that would kill some of the 2010 considerations for the Clippers, but I doubt they would find a player whom would fit better in their overall scheme than Jackson. Even Bill Simmons would like it. The only people who wouldn’t like it is Golden State of Mind, and well, they’re crazy.

The only problem is that Butler can’t be traded for another month & half (Or October 12th according to the ESPN trade machine)when that restriction of trading him wear off. (For good measure the Clippers also can’t trade Butler BACK to the Hornets. But, I don’t think that’s a very likely possibility even if they could.) I don’t think the Clippers would do it right now, and I don’t think the Warriors would do it right now. After all, teams don’t like trading players within their own division whenever possible. But, given that it won’t likely matter to the Warriors long term anyway……Yeah, what was I thinking? The “We Believe” team is all that matters in Golden State anyway.


I suppose another thing I must add in here is that I’m glad FIBA now occupies SOME OF summertime instead of just having dead air. Not to say that FIBA never did that before, but with so many NBA players from around the world, it makes FIBA more interesting. I’m not a guy who normally pays attention, cares about whether the US wins Gold at the Olympics (I don’t care I’ll admit), or even thinks that spending the amount of money that Jerry Colangelo and Mike Krzyzewski did for the 2008 Redeem team was worth it.

All that being said, stories like what’s going on with Beno Udrih and Francisco Garcia are more interesting to me (along with the US Olympic try-out’s of the young kids like Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay among others) are going along with. I find that part intriguing because, as we all know, summertime is when NBA players add little things to their game, get stronger, and train for the upcoming season. All this has proven is that playing basketball is a full time job, that players have to do it well for a long time to be recognized at it, and, if nothing else, right now being a basketball player is big time stuff. I would love for the Kings to have a player in that position sometime soon. Right now, they do not. (Other than Kevin Martin.)

Francisco Garcia is a great example (and I’ve been holding out on Cisco all summer long for my big preview which will come along somewhere in September) of what this summer means. Basically, and I don’t wish to give that preview away, buttttttt, Cisco’s stretch for the Dominican Republic may have been the best piece of news all season long for the Kings. After all, playing well means that he can somewhat distance himself from the stench of last season’s Kings team, the injury that he started off the season with, and his not so incredible performance (despite what the numbers say) down the stretch. repugnant is the way I’d describe Garcia’s 2008-09 season. Yet, a good, positive, and useful performance in the FIBA America tournament could prove that Cisco is ready to be part of a winning, upswing team like the Kings for several years to come. Make no mistake, that despite the fact Cisco is 28 years old, he’s still a relatively young player in dog years (or playing years as the case may be). Because Cisco has a lot of mileage left, is an important emotional component to the Kings playing well, and was a locker room bridge gap in the past (being friends with Ron Artest doesn’t prove that solely by itself?), I think it says something that Garcia is having a positive experiene with the DR team in the Americas’ tournament.

Does it mean anything more than that? No. But, a positive start in the summer could lead to a positive start in training camp. A positive training camp could lead to positive things by December once the season rolls around. This team, despite the win totals, has taken several steps back the last few seasons. It’s time that the direction this franchise heads moves back towards being an average team. Then the team can worry about being a great team once it starts making the playoffs.

What team exemplifies this phenomenon in recent times? The Portland Trail Blazers. ‘Nuff Said.


i never thought I’d say this, but I like walking up hills. I guess I live in the right city for that then. However, the city I left behind, the dumpy little shithole better known as the Capitol of California, Sacramento, has NONE! 2 days into my vacation, and I’m dreaming of hills. AYE CARUMBA!


I really can’t wait for pre-season (and then the season) to start. I’m tired of making up horseshit to write about. Hopefully I can conjur up some pre-pre-season thoughts before that all kicks in. Key word: Hopefully.



  1. I like the format, kinda Pook does Saturday Bullets, look out Henry Abbott.

    Two things, what the heck does Kevin’s qoute “Nothing is going to come in the way of getting better”

    That has to be a misprint or misquote. It seems to be totally out of context with the rest of the quote and out of character for Kevin Martin. Words can’t describe how badly I want him to have his best year this season and also to not have any significant injury.

    Secondly, I don’t think Cisco’s 08-09 should be described as repugnant. Overall it was a decent albeit a meaningless season for all concerned. There were a bunch of nights when Cisco looked like the only player on the Kings who wanted to win.

    I do agree that his FIBA performance could foretell a strong year playing for the Kings and playing up to his contract. I would argue that Cisco is really our only clutch player right now and until the rooks hit the court and prove otherwise could be our only clutch player for the upcoming season. What I hope to see from Cisco this season is improved decision making but I don’t know if there is an antidote for the bonehead gene.

    I haven’t been following FIBA, what have you heard about Beno’s play?

    Love the blog mayne, keep it up. You might want to consider a weekly “bullets” post once training camp starts in a month, I think it would be really interesting.

    • I’ll try linkage more often BJ. During the summer I don’t really because there has been little going on. When more is being discussed, than I’ll try to add more when & where I can.

      As far as Cisco, I’m trying to get at exactly why I think his season stunk, but he just didn’t have a good season. Maybe that was Kenny Natt, maybe that was Cisco not giving a shit, but it just stunk.

      I don’t know if I’ll ever have an exact answer for why I think that’s so, but I’ll always believe it.

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