Posted by: Kingsguru21 | August 29, 2009

What use is a Center to a roster?

I ask this question because I’m curious why so many Kings fans believe that not having more C’s on the roster will hurt the franchise. I recognize why people think that, and hell, I can even agree with them to an extent. During the NBA draft, one of the maxim’s that got tossed around about the reasoning of picking Hasheem Thabeet was that if you’re going to “miss big in the draft, miss big”.

Still, we’re talking about a backup C here.

This is a 2 part deal here. If you could get C’s that were could be had under your wish list, who would they be?

The 2nd part, stuck in reality I admit, is now you start crossing off that wish list, and who exactly would be available?

C’s I’d want? Honestly. One. Dwight Howard. Well, I’d want other power players I suppose too, like Chris Bosh even though I don’t love his game that much, but I wouldn’t want Amare Stoudemire. I definitely don’t want Shaquille O’Neal. Eddy Curry? Yeah, only Isiah Thomas wanted him. Kendrick Perkins would be nice if the Kings could get him, but I doubt it will snow in hell, Danny Ainge becomes black, and Red Auerbach rises from the dead to say that cigar smoking killed him at the young age of 89.

In otherwords, Kendrick Perkins ain’t coming to the Kings either. Shiznacky. This is tough.

Erick Dampier? No thanks. Yao Ming? Love him, his attitude, but I hate his body. So, as tough as it is to say it, no.

Chris Kaman? Marcus Camby? Ack, to both. Nene? No thanks. Rather stick with what the Kings have for that price. Chris “Birdman” Andersen? No, thanks. He works well in Denver, but the Kings aren’t in Denver last time I checked.

Greg Oden? I doubt Portland gives him up, but you can always ask. Joel Przybilla? Ditto.

Is there a C on the OKC roster? Does Mehmet Okur at 3 years 31 million entice you? (No? You are picky people.)

I imagine quite a few people out there would love Joakim Noah. I’m thinking Chicago doesn’t want to give him up quite yet. Does Andrew Bogut float your boat? What about Kwame Brown? Amir Johnson?!?! (Save Amir! Play him Jay Triano!)

Zydrunas Ilgauskas? Ack! Zaza Pachulia? Al Horford? (Absolutely. Does Atl give him up? I’m thinking no.) Joel Anthony. (The Kings do need more Canadian flavor.) Jermaine O’Neal? Ack! (I would trade him for Kenny Thomas, Andres Nocioni and Beno Udrih. Talk about getting rid of 2 bad contracts in one fell swoop. My thinking is why Miami does it? They don’t.) I’ve probably left off Jeff Foster, but he’s Indiana’s issue. And, I don’t think the Kings really need him long term. There are other solutions out there.


Marcin Gortat. He might be one available C, but what would it take to pry him for Orlando? First, the Kings do have the cap space to absorb the extra salary it would take to get him. (As in, he’s making about 5.8 million, and the Kings can have to absorb about half of that in salary to make it work under the salary cap. Gortat is BYC.) The other problem is that Gortat can decline any trade that takes him out of Orlando for a year. Every team knows this, Orlando knows this, and Gortat knows this. (Or, his Agent does.) But, will Gortat be available to the Kings at a price they’re willing to give up to get him?

My guess is no. It will likely include cap relief (taking all of Gortat’s salary in the case of the Kings as they can absorb all of it), and a draft pick or some talented young Kings player. Is it worth giving up Donte Greene for Marcin Gortat? I don’t know. I wouldn’t do it, but that’s me. (And, I love Gortat as a player. But not at the risk of tossing away Greene’s ability because he isn’t perfect at 21 and hasn’t tapped all of his abilities as a player. If it was a stud far better than Gortat, like Paul Millsap, than I’d say yes. Gortat ain’t Millsap.)


The point of all this is to point out, that other than players like Sean May, Jon Brockman, or heaven forbid a Boom Tho movement (aka Rod Benson), what you get is what you get. Most teams don’t have 3 C’s on the roster, and the one’s that do, pay for it. Like, with a very expensive payroll. I hate to point this out, but there is a shortage of talented 7 footers out there that play basketball at a NBA level. That’s why 6’8 guys can be great PF’s because the 6’10 guys who can be great PF’s sometimes play C.

The other problem is that when you’re the Kings, and you were, oh I don’t know, stinkin to high heaven a year ago with 17 victories, you can’t exactly expect to build Rome in a day.

Oh, and the last “real” C the Kings had on their roster? That would be Justin Williams. How did he work out again?

I submit this. Give Brockman a chance. Give Boom Tho a chance. Or don’t. But this team has enough perimeter pieces that could make the team worthwhile. You need players on the perimeter and down low. You need defense, and offense.

Dwight Howard is the best C in the NBA, and he has relatively little low post game still. This is because he lacks the lower body strength. Simple. I’m not the only one who knows this, but during the Boston-Orlando series back in May, a lot of people made a big deal out of what Dwight could do. Against Kendrick Perkins (who is probably Dwight’s toughest matchup), Howard didn’t dominate the matchup. Yet, against players like Anderson Varejao and Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Howard ripped Cleveland up. Why? Matchup’s. (And Perkins ridiculous leg power.)


If you think about it, if there was a player who would have turned the tide against players like Perkins, Howard, Noah, Bogut, Bosh, and all the rest of the East Big’s, don’t you think a team like the Clippers, Grizzlies or Thunder all needing size in the middle would have taken that player?


Kings fans want more size; Kings management wants more size. The difference between those 2 entities? GP & Co. knows that you can’t conjure up 7 footers who are everything in the eyes of fans. I would like the Kings to have more size on the roster. I would also like to get my dick sucked by Megan Fox, have 50 billion dollars, and own 12 houses.

In short, players like Brockman, May and in the case of the apocalypse, Rod Benson are the solution. (Or aren’t the solution as the likelihood is.) I won’t throw a fit if the big’s on the Kings roster are Hawes, Thompson, May, Brockman and Benson. It won’t be that bad considering that Hawes (who is a C) is the starter, and Thompson (who is a PF who may be able to play C more as the year moves along) is the other starter up front.

My solution? Pray for Derrick Favors.

My point: Stop tripping out about bullshit that doesn’t matter greatly anyway.

Good day minions.



  1. Good post, and good points.

    I’d take Tim Duncan. Again, I don’t see the Spurs dealing him, and technically he likes to pretend he’s a PF so he can be an All-Star starter every year, but whatever.

    Howard, Al Jefferson, or even Okafor. I’d take any of them, but they aren’t readily available. Your point remains, good centers aren’t easy to come by. That’s why, when you find one, they ain’t cheap.

    • Yep G. I’d like Duncan for this year, and maybe next, but beyond that, I don’t know. He would not be long term that’s for sure.

      I don’t love Jefferson or Okafor myself, but I wasn’t trying to talk about adequate center’s either. You got my point which makes me believe I wrote it accurately.

      Thanks for stopping by G.

      • Of course. I try to swing by regularly, mostly just so I can try to steal story ideas, muwuhuahahahahahaha

        • No no no G. Stealing is my job you banana peel twerp. 🙂

          • Jokes on you then. I’ve barely been writing articles this offseason, let alone anything worth stealing!

            • The only thing that I’ve seen remotely original is the Tip Off Timer on Fanhouse G. And, frankly, that’s just re-telling old news about the NBA’s past.

              Still, it’s not a bad way to kill time in the off-season.

              • True dat.

                I think the 30Q idea is a good one too. I decided that I’m going to sit on the sidelines unless I get inspired for a story idea. Until that time, I’m not going to force anything.

                • Always wise homez. Always wise. And, I do know how you feel. I have often felt the same way.

  2. […] When you aren’t as good as other teams, you need to put your best players on the floor regardless of their natural position. It’s better than the alternative. If there was quality size always available to every team, than it would not be a high commodity in the NBA. Anyway, been there, bitched about that. […]

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