Posted by: Kingsguru21 | September 5, 2009

Paul Westphal talks to Petrie goes to the State Fair

Nothing major here, but it’s a chance to link to some actual NBA shit for a change. Westphal talks to about how the Kings are planning to play for the future. Honestly, if people pay attention, this team is looking to build through the draft. Westphal agrees with this tact. I suspect that’s one reason why he likes this team. He knows, as any basketball executive does as well, that the best way to get talent is from the top 5 picks in the draft. You put a few of those on the court, and you’re likely to reap more of the benefits long term. It’s worth the read.

Also, if you dare to watch, Geoff Petrie goes to the State Fair. How do I know he is crazy? Who goes to the State Fair? (Maybe he’s doing super uber secret coolness spying for the Maloof’s or something.) Just watch. You know you have to. Why fight the power? (Because “The Man” is evil and must be exterminated. That’s why.)

(Also, if you haven’t read this terrific feature from Tim Potvak of Fanhouse, well, you should.)


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