Posted by: Kingsguru21 | September 5, 2009

Sean May: The non-fat joke edition

When the news came that the Kings signed Sean May, I wanted to do back flips in anger. I didn’t like the news for a variety of reasons. One is that that the Kings have a history of paying reclamation projects big money after a good season for the team. Beno Udrih, on the surface, seems like a good example, but the reality, again, is that the Kings (GP & Co.) needed Beno and felt they had to overpay to retain his services. Then again, Sean May is not necessarily a position of need (other than depth up front which every team is consistently looking for).

So what does Sean May represent? I’ve been trying to think about that very question all summer long and it boggles me some to be honest. But, I’ll try.


The first thing that I think Sean May will represent Petrie’s ability to scout talent. The team, along with the Blazers, witnessed his workout’s in Las Vegas. Then May chose to sign in Sacramento precisely for the reasons that most fans felt needed to be addressed this off-season: depth up front. Well, depth up front is not easily had in the NBA, and even veteran big’s like Antonio McDyess and Rasheed Wallace got Mid Level deals from San Antonio and Boston respectively. Why? Because players who can do what they do do not grow on tree’s. (That’s one reason big’s have longer career’s.)

Other than that, I think this deal is entirely about Sean May.


In May’s Junior Season at North Carolina, May averaged 17.5 pts, 10.7 boards on 56% FG shooting along with 75% from the line. His pro career has not went so well. (Which should shock no-one given that he was so cheap.) In 35 games during his 2nd season in Charlotte, and just over 24 mins in those contest, May averaged 11.9 points and 6.7 boards.

So, that’s that. Like Sergio Rodriguez, he can do something specific, and that is board well in limited minutes. Which is one thing the Kings very precisely need.

I guess my question is can he keep his weight down, but nobody knows that answer quite yet. (He also has incentives in his contract that get him extra money if he gets his weight down by 2 specific dates at the beginning and end of training camp.)

I also wonder what kind of offense, other than scoring around the basket, that he can bring. Specifically, like Brockman, I wonder if May can bring something to the table that he hasn’t been asked to do before. This will be the year for that. He will get all the minutes he can handle provided he comes into camp in shape and ready to go. If he stays healthy, the Kings could have the bargain basement signing they were looking for. May was cheap, and given that the Kings are young, and likely to get younger with the 2010 pick too, they will probably keep staying the course on that particular route.


I suppose the ultimate question with May will be the diligence done on the organization (and May’s) part. Will the organization have long term plans and freeze out a younger player like Brockman (assuming he signs–which is not a given) to give May the chance he needs? My hope is that May see’s the Kings as a good tipping point to keeping his career alive. The Kings need some older beef, and May provides that. But, I don’t see him being anything more than a one year solution for this team.

I think the best case scenario is that May gets 25 mins a night, rebounds around a 7 clip (like he did in Charlotte his 2nd season), gets plenty of Free Agent interest next summer and leaves the Kings. Why? Because the Kings could get a better player than May next summer for cheap again. Plenty of reclamation projects need a place to go, and for the Kings who will be looking to augment their youth with older players looking to prove they still deserve a spot in the league after some had given up on them. Plus, it also provides the benefit of the franchise being able to move away from the expensive contracts of a player like Udrih when they need it the most. Where love and need are one, and all that.

As it stands, Sean May is exhibit A in that category. Here’s hoping GP & Co. see’s this the same way.


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