Posted by: Kingsguru21 | September 8, 2009

Donte Greene: Is he the truth or a falsehood of promise?

Depending on who you ask, Extra E is either not worth the trouble, or hasn’t shown the promise his rookie season which demonstrated a few tantalizing moments of said worth.

He had 3 3-balls vs New Orleans on Nov 19th. This was en route to 15 points. This was the scoring highlight of his season.

At Memphis, he had 11 points (on 4-11 shooting), 4 rebounds, and 4 block shots.

That was it. Everything else was not really worth remembering.

Except one thing: He shot 29-34 from the FT line for 85%. On a team that could use more of everything, including a breakout year from Donte, Donte’s ability to get to the line and hit at a high percentage (which 85% indicates) also suggest he should shoot well from 3 ball land if he got the opportuniites. (At a few intervals, he showed that.)

What else does it mean? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Donte put on muscle, and put in time at SG, SF, and PF in the Vegas Summer League. He has been working out in Sacramento, and that’s worth something in of itself. What I do not know.

Donte Greene has something that few players, other than Tyreke Evans, have on the roster: Ability to get shots off under any circumstance. Fans often hate seeing a guy take an off balance 17 footer with 4 seconds left on the shot clock. Coaches know that a bad shot that creates a rebounding opportunity can help in 2 ways.

The first is simple: You get more potential at rebounding your own misses. If you turn the ball over you don’t have that opportunity.

The second point is not so simple. Would I rather have a jacked up 17 footer with 4 seconds left than a bad turnover that leaves the team badly exposed defensively? Obviously, in a perfect world, I wouldn’t like either scenario. But, with young players, given what the Kings are facing next season the “perfect world” ideal won’t be happening. (Unless I, and many others, have badly mis-read this team.) I do expect the team to be at the bottom of the league in turnovers given how young the team is.

None of this says whether Donte Greene will be valuable. At times, I’ve hinted how valuable Donte could be given some patience.

TS% eFG% 2ptFG% 3ptFG% FT% Ptsper36

Player A: .443 .429 44,6% 0% 50% 14.5
Player B: .416 .381 37.5% 26% 85% 10.4
Player C: .404 .375 39.1% 16,7% 57% 11.7

All 3 of these players stats were put up during their rookie season’s. One of them is Donte Greene. (If you’re smart, you’ve already figured out which player is Greene.) You can guess what the other two are.

Anyway, I can guarantee that 2 of the 3 players are still in the NBA, and at least one player Kings fan is known to covet. (Why I don’t know.) The other played on a NBA finalist. If you can’t figure it out from those clues, I can’t really help you. I’ve already given them away really.

The point here is that Donte Greene didn’t have a stellar season that is likely to win over any fans confidence any time soon. I realize that. I’m not even saying that you should be believing this guy is Kevin Durant Jr. He is not that.

On the other hand, he is only 21, has experienced 2 different NBA coaches, 2 different NBA systems, and wasn’t shown much confidence by Kenny Natt at any point. (The most amount of minutes Greene got under Natt was in the Memphis game where the Kings had 8 available players. Natt HAD to play Greene those minutes.)

I don’t know whether Extra E will prove himself to be a surefire NBA star (which he does have talent to be), a surefire NBA player (that should be obvious after the previous statement), or he can be a bust.

HE’S TWENTY ONE FOLKS! If the entire world give up on twenty one year olds because they didn’t live up to standards, the world would be a sparsely populated place I assure you. Extra E is not perfect. We know that. He knows that. The coaching staff. (Geoff Petrie knows that.) But, he is also valuable, he’s 21 years old, he has skills that you can’t teach (like he can shoot, he’s 6’10”, athletic, is willing to do what coaches ask etc etc etc) and he’s cheap. Oh, yeah, he’s cheap. (And, 21.)

He may not pan out, and he may not be everything the Kings were hoping for. He has talent; tons of it actually. The first step is simply getting on the court. He has that opportunity, and hopefully he takes advantage. I enjoy what Donte Greene brings to the table on the court; off the court he’s refreshing, too. He brings a lil 410 flava in the mix. You can never have enough of that. (Because, after all, no-one in the Kings community has ever made an impact having been from Baltimore.)

Long live Extra E!


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