Posted by: Kingsguru21 | September 12, 2009

Jon Brockman has signed with the Kings (finally)

Thanks to TZ for passing the note along that Brockman signed. (I mean, of all places, I should have been checking the Times Husky blog daily for notes. Out-scooped, Aye Carumba!)

The thing here, though, beyond discovery of fact, is that the Kings took until September 12th to sign Brockman. (Or let word get out.) Why? Maybe this was to get Brockman to sign something that kept the Kings from a full fledged commitment because this type of deal was only what was offered all along to Brockman. When he felt he could potentially find something in September after the mandatory date (Sept 6th) had passed to sign 2nd round picks, then perhaps that’s what convinced him to sign.

Still, I’m interested to see what kind of battles the Kings have with their training camp invitee’s, the other parts of the roster (It’s natural to see what kind of battles Hawes & Brockman could have), but I think it would be more intriguing to watch JT & Brockman bang. JT is more of a banger, and Brockman is definitely a banger, than Hawes is. Watching 2 head strong cattle go at each other should be interesting.

More importantly, JT is probably the one player on the Kings roster who could be considered a uniter beyond Kevin Martin. JT is his own man, too, but he’s not so divisive that he can’t get along with his veterans, rookies, and whomever else. (I have yet to see a negative thing printed about JT except about what he isn’t doing on the court. And, honestly, I don’t consider that a negative. More later on JT. This is a Jon Brockman moment dammit!) The point here is that JT & Brockman’s fates here are equally intertwined. If Brockman can defend players that JT has trouble with, or vice versa, you could have literally a wrecking crew version (Kings style of course) of 2 big’s who can crash the boards.

Let’s be honest here, and not lie while we’re at it, too; Brockman is never going to be a 3rd type of rotation big unless a team is going to lose a lot of games. But, he has every bit the ability to be a 4th rotation big, and what he does is so useful that the team can find a way to keep him on the roster provided that he has is not costing an extreme amount of money.

While I don’t care why it took so long to sign Brockman, this makes me happy that this part of the summer is now over. It’s only about the training camp invitee’s, and, truthfully, Brockman’s performance in training camp that matters now. Which is, thankfully, as it should be.

UPDATE: Amick says that an actual deal hasn’t been signed according to his sources. Also, interestingly enough, that the holdup was the amount of guaranteed money Brockman was going to get.

Be interesting to see what the sources let slip through the fingers on this one.


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