Posted by: Kingsguru21 | September 16, 2009

Kevin Martin: SpeedRacing your life away

I like Kevin Martin. Probably too much. The only Kings jersey I wear is Martin’s, and it has Sacramento on the front. Which works really well for the mid 30’s days during January in Seattle. Still, I like it. This isn’t because he’s the only player I currently wear a jersey.

Partially I love Speed because he simply has “it”. The guy loves to play basketball, and he loves to be the best he can be. He’s humble, talented, and lordy lord can he score.

We all know this already.

So here’s the actual question I pose today: Do you trade Kevin Martin?

I’ve said here in the past that you don’t trade him for a variety of reason’s. The major reason is that Martin, among other things, is reasonably paid for a player of his caliber, he fits in well as an off-guard playing alongside Tyreke Evans (who one can presume is a potential franchise-ish level player–yes I’ll address this later on) given that he does get to the line from the perimeter (a nice bonus I believe) and shoots well from 3 ball land.

I believe that Martin is an All-Star caliber player. Whether he plays in an All-Star game is purely semantics and (quite often) politics. There was a few years Rod Strickland didn’t make the All-Star game mostly because coaches hated him. (He earned it, I can assure you.)

Martin not making the All-Star game is more of a Deron Williams issue, but without the Kings winning as often. How Boozer makes the All-Star game several years running, but not Williams is beyond me. (Never have figured that out. But, it probably says something that Williams has made an All-NBA 2nd team and Boozer 3rd in the same season. But, Boozer made the All-Star team. Yeah……)

I don’t like Booz, and never really have. Don’t want him on the Kings, don’t want him for Martin, oh wait, you don’t? Absolutely not.

I believe the Kings won’t even entertain opportunites to trade Kevin Martin unless a Deron Williams level of player came back in the trade. Why would the Jazz do that?

On the other hand, you have Martin who plays well off the ball, could improve his ball handling and defense this season, shoots from deep, gets to the line, and does it all while pissing the other team off because they thought Reggie Miller retired 4 years ago.

Here’s the deal I suppose: What do you expect out of Kevin Martin? Franchise player? I don’t think so. That isn’t in the cards for Kevin. Never was, and never will be. THAT’S OKAY!

On the other hand, not every team has a player who is tailor-made to be the 3rd banana on a championship team. It’s too bad the Kings will be among the 5 worst NBA teams this season.

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