Posted by: Kingsguru21 | September 17, 2009

What are the Desmond Mason repercussions?

My first original thought about the whole deal was posted (literally) a few minutes ago. As I wrote, it doesn’t make sense. As I put in my update, TZ explained every reason why that it is so.

It got me to thinking, though, what would happen if the Kings traded Nocioni now to Miami for Jermaine O’Neal? They would need an extra roster spot anyway.

I’ve been toying around with my mother’s calculator (it’s not mine at home, but what can you do?) and I’ve been figuring out the amount of what it might take to get Miami and the Kings together on a deal.

The first is that it would have to save Miami money. The second is that Nocioni or Udrih would have to be included in any deal the Kings did that would save Miami money. This becomes, due to Miami’s needs, most likely to be Nocioni simply because he can provide them something more for Miami up front even if this makes Miami smaller theoretically. After all, it depends on how much Jermaine O’Neal has in the tank. But, O’Neal may not be up to be traded by Riley or the Heat who just had their basketball staff take pay-cuts.

It could be Miami is looking to push Jermaine O’Neal out the door and reduce his salary commitment this season earlier than I originally expected.

The Kings could stand to make a play that would save the money by dumping Nocioni’s long term contract and saving Miami some luxury tax along the way. (That would help Miami greatly just having that luxury tax payment as opposed to paying it this season.)

The question is this: Do the Kings let it stand at moving Nocioni, Kenny Thomas (there is no way the Kings couldn’t afford to trade him given that Jermaine O’Neal’s salary is 23 mil this season) and an unknown player that isn’t currently on the roster.

It is possible that a team could sign a player for a certain amount and then trade him away. (It happened with the Nets and receiving Keith Van Horn in ’08. It also happened with the Grizzlies in receiving Aaron McKie in ’08 as well.) Currently, candidates include Bobby Jackson, Corliss Williamson, and Calvin Booth. All of them probably would be fair game to be included in a sign & trade by the Kings to the Heat at an amount somewhere in between 1.6 and 1.8 million for this season (possibly pro-rated although I doubt that if it’s done before mid-season).

Don’t say it can’t happen. The Kings don’t have cap room (as I’ve previously said here), and they don’t have really a better way to create cap space for next summer available without dumping a player they really value (anybody else minus Udrih or Thomas).

It isn’t sexy, it isn’t something the fans can get behind, but it makes the dumping of the salaries that Miller, Salmons, and Bibby had all that much more reasonable for a team that is trying to rebuild in a bitch of an economic state that currently beholds California.

Let’s face it: NBA teams are all looking out for their bottom line, and the Maloof’s are no different. One of the best ways to enhance your bottom line is to have cheap young talent on rookie contracts for at least 4 years before you have to pay those players.

The other big possibility is that the Kings could include Sergio Rodriguez in the deal and keep Jackson, Booth and Williamson out of this loop. (The Kings have plenty of ball handlers on the roster when you factor in Udrih.)

There isn’t anything keeping Rodriguez from being included in this deal, and like Thomas, represents cap relief for Miami in 2010.

If I had to bet, Desmond Mason is being signed to keep the balance of players at the required 13 man limit. I would not be surprised if the Kings moved Noc, Rodriguez and Thomas for O’Neal if they felt it was the right move. Signing Desmond Mason would mean that they don’t have to find a player to fill an extra roster spot. This is especially true if the Kings have Garcia doing more ball handling as a backup, or decide that Casspi or Greene is ready to fill starter minutes. Garcia off the bench may be more valuable, and the Kings may be looking for a stop-gap in Mason.

Any number of ways could make the Mason signing explainable if a trade goes down that takes away Rodriguez and Nocioni out of the equation.

Hell, it even makes sense that the Kings get a player they know they could move into the starting lineup temporarily, and later out of the lineup altogether when it becomes feasible.

Without a deal like that on the horizon, and there isn’t one imminent (which may be a good sign as most Geoff Petrie deals don’t happen with advance warning) as far as we can tell. Just don’t be shocked if a deal like this happens in the next 10 days or so.


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