Posted by: Kingsguru21 | September 19, 2009

Easy Reke: Yeah!

To Easy Reke or not Easy Reke, that is Paul Westphal’s question. After all, since Tyreke Evans is not considered a “pure” point guard by any stretch (whatever that exactly means, exactly), what is Paul Westphal going to do with Mr. Evans?

We know Evans can score. We know that because we can look at stats. But what else do we know?

We know he rebounds at a high level. In 29 mins, he grabbed 5.4 boards a night. If you extrapolate that out to 36 mins a night, that’s 6.7 boards.

There were 5 PG’s that averaged over 4 boards a night last year in the NBA: Jason Kidd at 6.2, Chris Paul at 5.5, Rajon Rondo at 5.2, Russell Westbrook at 4.9, and Andre Miller at 4.5. (The next closest PG is Nate Robinson at 3.9 and Derrick Rose at 3.9, too.)

It’s not too hard to see Tyreke Evans potentially grabbing 6 boards a night with this Kings team is it?

At SG? Mike Miller grabbed 6.6 boards, Andre Igoudala 5.7, Kobe Bryant 5.2, and Vince Carter 4.7, rounded out the top 5.

It’s not very hard to imagine that Tyreke Evans could lead all G’s in rebounds next season, could it?

It’s everything else that concerns me.

And everything else could be lumped under the fact he’s 19 years old.

So what from here?

If you believe Paul Westphal, he could be wanting to run an up-tempo offense. A 18 year old kid with 3.9 assists (not a gaudy number) is not necessarily a guy you would want running that offense. Except, of course, that Westphal had a major hand in selecting Evans in the first place.

What does this mean? (Nothing.)

What does it really mean? (Nothing.)

Does this mean Evans could flop running the offense? (Do you have a crystal ball? Oh, you don’t either? Than wait and see like everyone else.)

So what do we know about Easy Reke?

We know he’s 6’5”. We know he’s got a massive wingspan at about 6’11”. We know that Ailene Voisin said that Evans reminded her of a LeBron James in terms of a developed body. (That’s a big issue in of itself.)

We know that that one thing that impressed Petrie, Westphal and other Kings executives is that Evans managed to stay in front of quick G’s like Flynn and Curry in a workout.

What does this mean? (Nothing.)

What does this really mean? (Still, nothing.)

So what can we expect Tyreke Evans to contribute this season? Well, I don’t know. I’m quite honestly expecting something between Gary Payton and Chris Paul as rookies. If Evans’ performs as Paul did, I’ll be ecstatic.

(What does that mean? I have no FUCKING idea.)

So what do I expect out of Easy Reke? I hope he rebounds well. I hope he scores. I hope he isn’t a colossal failure running the fast break. I hope he can defend quick players off the dribble.

Beyond that? He’s 19, folks. Get a grip.



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